Homemade Condom

The title of this blog got your attention, didn’t it? Well, I actually did make a condom, but it’s not for what you think, so get your mind out the gutter you hussy.

I like all my yarn to be in nice neat balls before I work with them. Since 80% of my yarn are in center-pull skeins when I buy them, this means I need to convert them into balls when I get them home.

As anyone who has worked with yan knows, the stuff loves to roll around and away from you. So, one of the things I did to prevent this was to knit up a yarn condom. I used my Boy Toy’s Knifty¬†Knitter¬†knitting loom to make a very stretchy and flexible condom that could hold yarn of all different shapes and sizes.

The loom used to make the condom was the small round blue one and the yarn used was Lion Brand Trellis.

The pictures below shows the condom in action as I convert a skein of Lion Brand Homespun into a nice fluffy ball.

Yarn Condom


Close up of Yarn Condom


Another Shot of the Condom