First Sock Design Rejection

Well, last week I got my first sock pattern rejected by the online knitting and crochet magazine, Tangled.   It was the Sunset In Sedona sock that I posted on the site Sunday.

I figured that as I make and submit socks for consideration in magazines, any that get rejected will be posted on Ravelry for all of you to enjoy.

It’s odd, but I don’t feel at all bad about being rejected. I was able to create a pair of wonderful socks in a yarn that I love  and I finally sat down a wrote out a sock pattern- which wasn’t too painful. The best part is that I got to share it with all of you. So that makes me happy.

One of my friends jokingly congratulated me on my rejection. “Your first rejection? That’s great! Now you’re just two more rejections away from being offered a book deal.”

Well, it would be nice if that happened. But until then, I’ll just keep knitting more socks and seeing where this yarn covered road takes me.

My First Submission

I just submitted one of my sock designs for the first time ever! There was a call out for submissions from Tangled- an online knitting & crochet magazine. Since they will be at Sock Summit this year, they are dedicating their Summer issue to sock knitting. I found out about this on Thursday morning and the deadline for submissions is Monday. So, of course I was a mad duck running around trying to get everything I needed to submit my proposal and get it out in the mail on time. I sent the package priority mail just to make sure it gets there on time.

And now, we wait.

Am I excited about submitting one of my designs? of course. Am I scared about getting rejected? Hell yes!  But even if they decided not to use my design, then their loss will be Ravelry’s gain as I will just post the pattern there for all to enjoy.

I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything.