The Sweater Dilemma

At some point in our knitting lives we have all either heard of or experienced first hand the knitting urban legend about the dreaded “Boyfriend Sweater” curse. If you knit a sweater for a guy that you’re not married to, he leaves you soon after you gift him the sweater.

My question is- if you unravel the sweater to reuse the yarn for another project, does that reverse the curse? A few of my friends and I were discussing the thought that if we wanted to unravel and reuse yarn from a sweater of a man who is now an ex, would unraveling the sweater bring that jerk  back into our life?

We each had our suggestions on what to do to avoid the possible return of M. Ex. Those ideas ranged from  making sure you or the ex is out of the state at the time of the unraveling to rinsing the sweater in holy water before unraveling. So, knitters, what’s your take on the curse and how should a knitter handle the unraveling of a cursed sweater?