Thanks Mom!

Yesterday, August 21st, was my mom’s birthday! We celebrated with ice cream cake and lots of laughs.

I want to thank my mom for all she has done- giving birth to me, raising me, restraining herself from trying to kill me when I was a rebellious teenager- you know, mom stuff.

I’m really thankful for her introducing me to knitting. An advocate for all things crafty, my mom bought me a book on learning to knit along with needles and Red Heart yarn when I was about twelve. No one in my family knew how to knit. My grandmother and her sister knew how to crochet, but both of them had passed away a long time ago. So, we relied on this simple book to teach me  what my mom had hoped would be a good crafting skill. I did mange to make a crude looking sunglass case which I gave to my step-mother.

It would be almost ten years before I picked up the needles again, but I still remember that first book and the seed it planted which would one day blossom into me becoming a knitwear designer. Thanks Mom!

The Knitting Book That Started It All