My Design Is In A Knit-Along

Mark your calendars folks. On June 4th, one of my designs will be in its first every Knit-Along!

The wonderful people at are hosting their first ever knit-along and they selected my Cobblestone Road Womens Sock design as their first project!

I’m so excited and extremely honored for one of my designs to be part of a knit-along. I strongly encourage you to head over to on June 4th and join in the fun of knitting these socks. I can’t wait to see the varied colors and ways that knitters knit up these cute socks.

Below is a copy of the button that will be on the site for the knit-along. It’s not active yet, but do be on the lookout for the button as it should be up soon.

Two Needle Socks


Yes, you read the title of that post correctly. There is no typo. I am knitting socks using only two straight needles.

I decided to do this after my failed attempts with DPN’s and circulars. I even tried the ‘magic loop’ method and realized that when you start reaching for the rum and coke then that’s the time you stop and find an easier way.

Knitting socks on two needles is by far the better way for me. I don’t mind the fact that I will have to sew seams later. I have no fear of the sewing needle, (I’m a damn costume designer, after all).

There is not as much information about two needle sock knitting. Most of what you will find are from the early 1900’s. That was when two needle socks and mittens got real popular.

I feel this type of knitting is well overdue for a modern renaissance. So, right here, right now, upon this pair of pink cotton toddler socks, I vow to bring back the noble art of two needle knitted socks, so help me God!

(Wow, that was a total Joan of arc-reliving-past-life moment)

When I get more work done on these socks, I’ll give you a link to the pattern. FYI- I’m actually knitting both socks at the same time.