Can’t Get Enough of That Fluffy Stuff

My stash of spinning fibers that I accumulated during my short stint at CalArts is finally dwelling down. I found myself in need of some serious restocking. With the last few grams of fibers waiting to be spun I felt it was time I ordered some new fibers to play with.

I leisurely search on Etsy lead me to discover Swoon Fibers. This store offers a wonderful collection of hand spun yarns as well as delicious fibers ready for spinning.

I choose a  1 ounce batt called Embers which consisted of a mixture of Corriedale, Merino, Romney in Flame Metallic ,Pinks, Reds and Browns.

Arriving in the fluffiest package I’ve ever received, my fingers couldn’t wait to start spinning this lovely fiber. Below are some pictures of the wonderful fluffy stuff.


Spinning fibers from Swoon Fibers


Spinning Fibers from Swoon Fibers

As The Web Spins

Spider webs everywhere and not a spindle in sight

 I am seriously considering spinning spider webs into yarn. This year, due  mainly to the strnage weather we’ve been having, there is an unexpectedly high number of spiders in the area. I spray spiders and sweep down their webs only to find twice as many webs up the next day.

My hubby thinks I should look into training the spiders to spin yarn and open my own yarn shop to sell the ‘specialty’ skeins. I could name the store, “Charlotte’s Web”.

Besides the obvious copyright name infringement, I may have a problem with spiders working for me. As keeping a room full of spiders with no legal paperwork and no health benefits, I may be accused of running a sweat shop. Then there is social security, workmen’s comp as well as paying into unemployment should I have to let a spider go. And heaven forbid if they gather together and form their own labor union.

As nice as it would be to provide such a wonderful specialty yarn to my fellow knitters, I’m afraid the overhead and legal issues would be just too much to handle. Instead, I will just continue to spray and sweep. However, if I should wake up one morning to find a skein of freshly spun spider webs at my front door, I would be open to negotiations.


Has The Dust Cleared Yet?

Well, I don’t want to jinks myself, but it would seem that life has finally settled down for the time being.

I am more than happy to be seeing the month of May’s ass walking away from me. It was a bad time and we are much better off parting ways with each other.

June seems to hold a bit more promise. I got an early gift from June in the form of my very first ever Jury Duty Summon!

Socking as it may seem, yes it is my very first time up for jury duty. You think that’s strange, my mom is 63 years old and has never been called for jury duty! She has even called and asked to be put on the list and still no luck.

I’ve been serious about turning in my sock designs for consideration into various knitting magazines, hence th lack of patterns being posted as I am waiting to see if any of my designs have been accepted.

I’ve only let one deadline slip through my fingers, mainly due to poor time management and that whole little bit of moving from one state to the other.

Now all my stash is finally in one place and my life- though not taking the shape I had hoped- is starting to take on something that could pass for normal.

So, what’s on my needles now?

I’m working on something wooly that i hope to turn in to for consideration. Sorry, must continue with the secrets. But I can tell you that I’m halfway through spinning that baby poo green fiber and when it’s all spun I plan to knit a pair of socks knitting it straight from the spindle. Yup, I’m going to knit it without washing the yarn and relaxing the twist. I want those twist to be alive and wirery. It should be fun.

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011: Yarn Stash, Interupted

All this week my postings are a part of the 2nd Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week. To learn more about it, just click here.

Most knitters and crocheters, unless they just had their workroom redecorated by Martha Stewart herself, would be crazy to share photos of their yarn stash. We all know how just a few balls of yarn in a plastic bag can quickly multiply into a unruley herd that flows from the knitting basket into the closet, under the bed, in the hallway closet, the kitchen cabinets, etc.

We crafters try hard to hide what we have and never admit to ourselves, (or our spouses), just how much yarn we own. Well, I’m going to break that code of silence by showing you all how and where I keep my yarn. I have to tell you know that what you are about to see is only about half the amount that I really own. Since I go back and forth between two states I have two stashes. This is my Arizona stash. I have a whole other stash in California. Enjoy!

My Plastic Costco Bin Of Yarn


Current Knitting On Top Of My Dresser


More Knitting On The Reading Nook


More Knitting On The Nightstand


Knitting Needle Stash Housed In A German Beer Mug


Bag of Yarn and Spinning Hiding in the Closet


My Spinning Stuffed In a Dresser Drawer


Yes, There Is Even Yarn In My Purse


Even My Hubby Has His Yarn & Projects Hanging Around

Don’t Make Me Pull Out My Spinning


Yes, as you can see, I’ve broken out the spinning again. It seems to happen whenever everyone around me are having ‘over the top’ problems and they all seem to drag me into them.

My hubby knows the signs- I start drinking coffee, I stay up late playing kill the alien computer games and I sigh loudly every time the phone rings. My kindness starts to wear thin and at some point I announce that I want to move to France and not come back until everyone figures out their lives and stop putting me in the middle of all their drama.

Then my wonderful hubby kindly recommeds I just go M.I.A. and stop answering the phone and door. I entertain the thought for a moment, but then remember my crafty solution. I start spinning.

It is amazing the power of spinning around non-spinners. Your best friend finds it difficult to talk about her problems with boyfriend #23 when you are spinning wool in front of her. Your other friend gets too distracted by the swirling spindle to remember to launch into his two hour conversation about how all his problems in life stem from his strained relationship with his mother.

When people call with the ‘I-really-don’t-care-because-I-only-called-to-talk-about-myself’ “How are you doing?”, and I tell them that I’m having fun spinning today, well, that statement leaves them a bit speechless and shortens our conversation a lot.

I think in our society, people seem to associate spinning as something people do who are not all their in the head or mentally unstable. Let’s face it, in the age of iPads and Kindles, anyone spinning looks like a freak. So, people who see me spinning usually talk a bit softer to me and are generally nicer too. My friends all back off, assuming I must be on the verg of a mental breakdown and I do get the benefit of less stress from having less drama in my life.

I highly recommend that the next time someone in your life comes through the front door with that, ‘stop-everything-you-are-doing-because-my-life-and-my-over-dramatized-problems-are-much-more-important-then-you’ attitude, pour the two of you some tea, break out your spinning and then see what happens.

Why My Hands Should Never Be Left Alone


During my last sickle cell crisis, I made the mistake of going to the hospital without my knitting bag. This is the evidence of what my hands will do when they are not given proper yarn and knitting needles. In the picture, I am spinning a Starbucks napkin that I found at the bottom of my purse  into yarn. A lollipop, also found at the bottom of my purse, acted as my spindle.

Getting Your Spin On


So, where were you on September 18th? Hopefully where ever you were, you had your spinning wheel or hand spindle near by. Why, you may ask? Because September 18th was Worldwide Spin In Public Day!

What better way to be a fiber freak then on a day set aside for all fiber freaks. If you missed all the fun, don’t worry. The wonderful thing about September 18th is that there will be another one next year. And if you’re lucky, the year after that.

But really, who needs a special day to work with fiber? Just the very fact that you have fiber in your house is a good enough excuse to play with it.

Knitting With Nature


We knit in our homes. We knit at the local Starbucks. And for those of us daring enough- we even knit in church. But how many of us take the time to knit in Nature? Usually, when we think of camping, we picture ourselves leaving any reminders of the city life behind. And for many people this includes their knitting.

Yet, has not knitting been our way of revolting against our current society? Have we not taken up needles and yarn as protest to the fast and easy life technology tries to tell us we need? Knitting has always been an icon for protest and a calling to go back to a simpler time. So why should it be left behind with the IPad, IPhone and MP3 player?

I brought my knitting and my spinning with me on a recent trip to the Mountain Ridge Cabins in Payson, Arizona. As I sat outside our cabin one morning knitting I found myself closer to nature then I had ever been before. The soft clicking of my needles matched the trickling sound of the brook nearby. My content stillness attracted butterflies and even then breeze seemed to brush by with welcoming warmth.

What is being labled as the “slow movement”, goes hand in hand with Nature. Mainly because this movement is not some new eco-hippie fad, but an authintic desire to reconnect with the land around us.

We may have lost most of our humanity, but no amount of technology and mega marts can wipe out our natural instintic to return to the Earth. So, knit in the woods. Spin in the forest. Crochet in the medows. Weave among wildlife. Reconnect with Nature, least we forget we are only animals after all.