Stepping Out In Luxury

“Why on earth would anyone want to knit socks? Socks are so cheap, Who would want to waste the time and money knitting a pair?”
The next time anyone near you makes the above statement, please send them to this blog page and after reading it, see if they don’t change their mind about handknitted socks.
Socks may be small, but they are still big business as seen by the ever growing number of designer socks that come with a price tag to match. Below are just a few samples of high-end luxury for your feet.

Tom Ford Socks (photo by buddah is)

These socks by Tom Ford comes in pretty cheap for mass-produced designer socks. Having your man sport a pair of these will only set you back about $75.00

Christian Dior Stockings

When it comes to high fashion, the sky is the limit, and apparently, so is the price. These pretty little stockings by Christian Dior will beautifully help cover the shocking white hue from fainting after you see the price tag on these babies- $540.00

Mui Mui Embellished Knee Socks

Mui Mui gives some sparkle to the legs with their embellished knee socks, but all that glitter comes with a price. $340.00 surely isn’t too much to ask for all that bling.

Part of a Balanced Breakfast

I’m a huge fan of Breakfast. I never leave home without it. I have to eat something within a half hour of waking up or my chronic morning sickness kicks in. So breakfast to me is almost like a second religion. Yes, I bow down to the all mighty spoon and bowl. I eat in private after my Boy Toy goes to work. (I’m lucky enough to be married to a man who can’t stand the smell of food early in the morning which means I don’t have to wake up at some un-godly hour to fix him breakfast before work.)

While I’m eating, I’m usually doing something knitting related. Either reading a knitting magazine, writing in my knitting journal or actually doing some knitting. There is just something about knitting and eating that just seem to go together- even though knitting wisdom would tell you it is not wise to knit with food around.

Never had knitting with breakfast? I strongly suggest trying it. Knitting is a great way to balance out those morning jitters you keep getting from your double shot of espresso.  Not a breakfast person? Why not use breakfast as another excuse to get in more knitting time. And besides, isn’t your doctor always telling you that you need more fiber in your diet?

Working Breakfast photo by Lindamade

Coffee and Knitting by freakapotimus


Have It Your Way Breakfast Photo by Maggie.M

Sticky Finger Breakfast Photo by Louveciennes


Breakfast Photo by beetsie


Breakfast photo by Lizrincon

All Hail Crochet!

So, the other day I’m at Valley Radiology for an MRI. I’m dressed in the latest medical fashion of open back gown, pants and mary janes.

I’m directed to a waiting room right outside the MRI room to wait my turn. I take out my knitting and proceed to relax into the wonderful medical tradition of ‘hurry up and wait’.

A few moments later an elderly woman is escorted into the waiting room wearing the same fashionable gown as me. She carries with her a grandmother purse. You know, the kind of oversized purse that -like Mary Poppin’s famous bag-  is capable of storing everything but the kitchen sink.

The elderly lady sat across from me and watched as I knitted.

“Oh, I could never get the hang of that. I always wanted to but no matter how I tried, I just could never make it work. I admire you for being able to knit.”

“Why, thank you.”, I said. A nice warm compliment was much appreciated, considering that I was knitting with my entire back side being blasted from the air conditioner.

She continued by saying, “Unfortunately, all  know how to do is crochet. Not very fancy stuff, but I manage to get by.”

The elderly lady then proceeded to dig in her bottomless purse. She emerged moments later with what I could only describe as a jaw-dropping wonderful example of crochet lace.

“So, what are you making?”,  I finally got around to asking after a few speechless moments in utter awe.

“Oh this thing? It’s just a tablecloth. I’ve made one for each of my kids and grandkids. Now my oldest grandchild just had a baby of her own so I’m making one for her to put into her daughter’s hope chest. It’s really nothing fancy. Just something to keep my hands busy. Its nothing like the knitting you’re doing.”

That was true, it was nothing like my knitting. I looked down at my simple sock. My knitting needles suddenly grew a tail and had it tucked  between its legs, wanting to crawl back into my knitting bag. Apparently they didn’t feel worthy of being in the same room with such beautiful work. And I had to agree.

“Mame, I don’t think that in my lifetime I could ever knit something as beautiful as what you are crocheting.”

“Well, thank you dear. That’s very sweet of you to say.”

I was then called back for my MRI. As I tucked away my things and followed the nurse to the room, I took a small glance back at the woman to say goodbye. I noticed her cheeks had become a little rosier then they were before.

There is this strange stigma that still lingers among some crafters that somehow crochet is less than or beneath knitting. Well, its NOT! Crochet is just as beautiful and valuable as any knitted garment. With both crafts holding an almost equally  long rich history, I see no reason to ever think that either craft is easier or better than the other. Some of us- myself included- enjoy doing both. And now we are even starting to see an increase in patterns that combine both crafts within the same garment.

For those of you who strictly crochet- never ever let any knitter look down their nose at what you do. Never feel you have to justify or compensate for the fact that you don’t knit. Be proud of your crochet. And if any knitter ever gives you static about crocheting just remember, a lace pineapple tablecloth done on a size 00 crochet hook trumps a knitted cardigan any day!

Crochet Pineapple Tablecloth

Decadent Feet

Beautiful Mohair Halo

On January 20th, 2000, I purchased a bag of yarn at the local thrift store for only $2.92, after tax. What the bag contained was 7 small skeins of vintage mohair. Contessa 100% Real Mohair Made in Italy. 40 grams, color 72, dye lot 1585. Sole distributor, M.H. Yarn Inc., New York.

Contessa 100% Real Mohair

Since then, only two skeins have been used in a couple of scarves. The rest have been in hanging out in my stash, waiting for the day I find a good use for them. The problem is, I’m allergic to animal hairs, so making something for myself was never an option.

I was thinking last year to use the yarn to make the Abbondanza Wrap designed by Nicky Epstein in her book “Knitting In Tuscany”. But, no matter how hard I tried, I just never felt motivated to start the project.

Then last night, as I was looking at some knitted sock porn, I stumbled upon these Angora Baby Booties by Joelle Hoverson, (Photo Credit- MsKhofhinn):

These are some truly decadent booties. So why not make my own decadent socks? I’m swatching up right now to see what gauge would work best with this yarn. I’m thinking of making it knee-length with maybe some lacing in the back.

So, I’m wondering, what is the most decadent yarn you ever used to knit / crochet with?




I finally got some really cute pictures of my Boy Toy wearing my first ever male socks. And, of course I can’t show them to you because the swatch for it is being sent off for consideration in another knitting magazine.

My room looks like a giant mutant yarn moster stumbled into it after having way too many jager and redbull shots and threw up all over the place. There is yarn everywhere- but in the oh so wrong kind of way.

I just found my bobbin lace pillow, finished the lace edging that’s been hanging off that thing for like the past three years and have now started another lace piece. (Yes, I do bobbin lace. Unlike Latin, its not completely a dead artform. And once I take over the world with my two needle knitting I will then require all scholl age children to spend two hours a day learning bobbin lace. Yes, I AM an evil dictator!)

The Boy Toy has finally raised the white flag saying he has given up on trying to understand how I can have so many different craft projects going on at the same time. “I still can’t pat my head and rub my belly at the same time. How the hell do you manage to do so many things at once?”

After several tall adult drinks, I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that unless someone is willing to give me an all expenses paid trip, I will not be going to Sock Summit this year. (Wait, I think I may need another drink. The pain is starting to come back.)

I just realized that once my sock design gets published I still need to come up with a plan to get three TNNA members to write letters of introduction for me. Anyone out there willing to volunteer? I’m willing to send a free pair of hand knitted socks to you for your time. (Yes, I will stoop so low as to knit my way into TNNA. I am never above grovaling!)

And, well…

I’m working on another sock design that I will try to post here on the blog next week. Yup, its going to be a free one, yeah!!!


Has The Dust Cleared Yet?

Well, I don’t want to jinks myself, but it would seem that life has finally settled down for the time being.

I am more than happy to be seeing the month of May’s ass walking away from me. It was a bad time and we are much better off parting ways with each other.

June seems to hold a bit more promise. I got an early gift from June in the form of my very first ever Jury Duty Summon!

Socking as it may seem, yes it is my very first time up for jury duty. You think that’s strange, my mom is 63 years old and has never been called for jury duty! She has even called and asked to be put on the list and still no luck.

I’ve been serious about turning in my sock designs for consideration into various knitting magazines, hence th lack of patterns being posted as I am waiting to see if any of my designs have been accepted.

I’ve only let one deadline slip through my fingers, mainly due to poor time management and that whole little bit of moving from one state to the other.

Now all my stash is finally in one place and my life- though not taking the shape I had hoped- is starting to take on something that could pass for normal.

So, what’s on my needles now?

I’m working on something wooly that i hope to turn in to for consideration. Sorry, must continue with the secrets. But I can tell you that I’m halfway through spinning that baby poo green fiber and when it’s all spun I plan to knit a pair of socks knitting it straight from the spindle. Yup, I’m going to knit it without washing the yarn and relaxing the twist. I want those twist to be alive and wirery. It should be fun.

Socks Fit For A Duchess

Surprisingly, I managed to stay up and watch the whole royal wedding. It was an awesome sight. I’m a huge fan of the Queen, so while everyone else was wondering what the bride was wearing, I got all giddy seeing the Queen in her elegant spring time yellow attire.

However, the day was not about the Queen, but instead it was about the future of the monarchy the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I, like so many women (and some well figured men), will now be on the hunt for that form-fitting gown worn, not by the bride, but by Pippa, the bridesmaid. As soon as I saw the dress I text my Boy Toy, “Pippa’s Dress, I Want It!”

Surprisingly, through the last night to early morning hours of watching the ceremony, the drugged feeling from my pain killers, and the pain of my sickle cell crisis, I managed to finish the royal sock that I promised you.

The sock is made with size 10 crochet cotton held doubled and knitted on two straight needles. (of course!) The jewelry used was 4mm pink beads and an antique button. Very danity and elegant. I was really hoping to make one dripping in diamonds and gold, but the bank laughed at me when I asked them for a loan for that very purpose.

So, now it is with great pleasure that I present to you my tribute to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, the Royal Wedding Sock:

Sock Inspirartion Sunday- Easter Edition

Happy Easter Everyone! To celebrate the day, I offer for your pleasure these cute socks suitable for wearing all Spring or whenever you need a little bunny pep to your step! Go ahead and knit these egg-cellent socks for that little chick in your life. Okay, I’m done with the Easter puns now. Don’t bite my ears off! *giggles like a little school girl*

Click on the picture for the pattern

DROPS "Karisma" Easter Design Girl's Socks

Sock Yarn Saturday

These two sock/fingering yarns are the work of Lena Brown of Lena Brown Designs. These yummy yarns are made with Angora fibers that are sure to give your socks that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you slip your feet into them. Just click on either picture to learn more about the yarn and the many others she has for sale at her Etsy store.

Carmel Delight Handpainted Angora Alpaca Wool

Pixie Handpainted Angora Superwash Merino

Sock Yarn Saturday


Eilis Yarn By Three Irish Girls

Shown above is Eilis from Three Irish Girls. This luscious yarn comes with its own warning:

“Fair warning: add Eilis (eye-lish) to your stash only if you want to forsake all other knitting projects and immediately cast on with it.”

You know you just have to add this yarn to your collection, so order it here.