As The Web Spins

Spider webs everywhere and not a spindle in sight

 I am seriously considering spinning spider webs into yarn. This year, due  mainly to the strnage weather we’ve been having, there is an unexpectedly high number of spiders in the area. I spray spiders and sweep down their webs only to find twice as many webs up the next day.

My hubby thinks I should look into training the spiders to spin yarn and open my own yarn shop to sell the ‘specialty’ skeins. I could name the store, “Charlotte’s Web”.

Besides the obvious copyright name infringement, I may have a problem with spiders working for me. As keeping a room full of spiders with no legal paperwork and no health benefits, I may be accused of running a sweat shop. Then there is social security, workmen’s comp as well as paying into unemployment should I have to let a spider go. And heaven forbid if they gather together and form their own labor union.

As nice as it would be to provide such a wonderful specialty yarn to my fellow knitters, I’m afraid the overhead and legal issues would be just too much to handle. Instead, I will just continue to spray and sweep. However, if I should wake up one morning to find a skein of freshly spun spider webs at my front door, I would be open to negotiations.


One Stash, Two States

I recently had the chance to visit my second yarn stash in the  located in the next state over. I would never wish such an arrangement on any knitter, but for me this arrangement is working out. The upside to having yarn in two different states is that absence really makes the heart grow fonder.

I had forgotten what beautiful yarns I own. There is a bag of seven skeins of wool waiting to be made into a blanket.  I have enough yarn left over from my last Harry Potter scarf project to make another one. And the amount of colorful acrylics staring up at me when I look into the stash is enough to make a young knitter blush.

As much as I would like to pack it all up and have this stash join its friends the next state over, I can only take a few balls of yarn with me for now.  My stashes are separated for a good reason- though that doesn’t help the sadness that I feel when I have to leave one of my stashes behind.

Hopefully, some day in the near future, my two stashes will be reunited. But until then, I will continue to be the traveling knitter, living my life between two states- and two stashes.