Top Ten Reason Why Sickle Cell Sucks Balls

As I am laying here waiting for my drugs to kick in I can’t help but to think about just how much I hate having Sickle Cell Anemia. I know, I should be grateful that it’s not something worse. I should be thankful that I have a full head of hair and not have cancer that would cause it to all fall out due to treatment. And yes, I am thankful I don’t have any STD, because the thought of carrying that kind of luggage and not being able to have sex, well. . . I would just recommend to everyone to start buying stock in the sex toy industry because I would blow their sells through the roof.

Yes, I am thankful that things are not worse, but that doesn’t stop me from getting pissed off at what I do have to face. So, here are my top ten reasons why Sickle Cell Disease sucks balls:

10. Because stupid people keep calling it a ‘black’ disease when it affects people of ALL colors and races. (Diseases don’t racial profile, only people do!)

9. Because doctors always assume I’m a drug addict because of how much I know about pain killers. I only know about them because I need them to survive!

8. Because a Sickle Cell crisis always happens at the worst time- like two days before graduation or the night before my wedding.

7. Because once you say the word ‘disease’, even the cute guy’s flunky ugly friend doesn’t want to date you.

6. Because no body likes the ‘sick kid’ on their team.

5. Because even though Sickle Cell is one of the oldest diseases known to men it is also the most ignored. No Awareness + No Funding= No Cure

4. Because I will never be able to  see Paris due to the fact that my body can’t handle the flight without going into a crisis.

3. Because IV’s and blood transfusion bags never look good on anyone.

2. Because I hate the look of frustration and anger on my Boy Toy’s face because he knows there is nothing he can do to take my pain away.

1. Because I can’t knit when I’m in this much pain!!!!

The Good and The Bad

Spent the weekend in Monterey with my hubby- Good.

Missed my little one- Bad.

Got free drinks at the bar- Good.

Got buzzed off the first drink- Bad.

Got free Shirley Temples all weekend- Good.

Maintained a sugar high all weekend- Bad????

Got dressed up and went to a fancy ball- Good.

The DJ refused to play ‘YMCA’ or ‘In the Navy’- Bad.

My hubby and I danced to ‘The Electric Slide’- Wonderfully Good!

Had a sickel cell crisis halfway through the evening- Bad.

Remembered to bring my  Percocet- Good.

Woke up the next day with a post-percocet hangover- Bad.

Had a great breakfast at the First Awakenings- Good.

The Paris Bakery of Monterey didn’t have my coconut macroons that I love- Bad!

Brought some of my yarn stash back with me- Good.

Had to leave the rest of the stash behind- Bad. Very Bad!

Blogged every day- Good.

Forgot to publish each blog on time.- Oops! My Bad.

Why My Hands Should Never Be Left Alone


During my last sickle cell crisis, I made the mistake of going to the hospital without my knitting bag. This is the evidence of what my hands will do when they are not given proper yarn and knitting needles. In the picture, I am spinning a Starbucks napkin that I found at the bottom of my purse  into yarn. A lollipop, also found at the bottom of my purse, acted as my spindle.