Dressing Humphrey Bogart

The Sanguine Gryphon Fall 2011 pattern collection was released this week on their website. This season’s collection is presented with a Film Noir theme!

Named after some of the famous faces of the screen, the collection of patterns show off the dark seductive intrigue that is Film Noir.

I am honored that one of my sock designs was included in this wonderful collection. The socks are called Humphrey Bogart, the Hard-Boiled. Knitted in my signature two-needle sock design, these socks are perfect for those wanting to add a bit more flair to their man’s wardrobe.  If Humphrey Bogart was still alive, I’m sure he would approve of the design.

Humphrey Bogart Sock

A big “Thank You” to Jamie and the rest of the Sanguine Gryphon clan for al the work you put into making this collection.

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

It is time to celebrate. I checked my emails last night and what did I find? Why this adorable note sent to me by the good people over at Sanguine Gryphon:

We are very interested in publishing your sock design, and I would like to have the opportunity to discuss the design process with you.

Please call when you can, xxx-xxx-xxxx.  


 Sqeels of excitement along with lots of childish jumping around followed the reading of this email. My  first sock design accepted. I shall frame this email and I will love it and squeeze it and hug it and call it George.

I called dear beautiful Jamie who talked to me about the details of the project. Now I wait for the contract and yarn to arrive. *Liver Chick gets up from laptop and does a happy dance once around the room”

Oh, by the way, my sock design I submitted for Clotheshorse was rejected the very same day. Go figure!


Just Call Me Last Minute Linda

I just pressed the ‘send’ button for my design submission for Sanguine Gryphon. The deadline is May 10th and here I am on May 9th scrabbling to get my submission done.

I really have not excuse for the last-minute entry. I gave myself plenty of time to work on the swatch and draw out my sketch. However, I still found myself racing to get things done. I didn’t even have time to contemplate the consequences of pressing the ‘send’ button. I just pressed it and then freaked out.

This is my third of what will hopefully be at least eight submissions this year. My other submissions are not due until later this month, so I have some time to breath and refocus.

So, question to all you knitwear designers out there- How do you keep yourself organized so that you can meet the submission deadlines for various knitting/crochet publications? I would love to share some of your ideas and tips with other aspiring knitwear designers like myself.