One Woman’s Trash Will Always Be My Treasure

It’s hard to believe that both Tom Cruise and Robert Pattinson are both single while I’m in a relationship. So unfair.

Although your ex’s may have treated you both like trash, don’t forget the million of women around the world who would gladly take their place by your side.

Ladies, let’s show some love to these broken-hearted cuties and to your own cutie at home by knitting on of these manly scarves that may lead to warming more than just their neck if you play your cards right.

And to all my single ladies- get out there and turn on the charm. Robert and Tom won’t stay single forever!

Winterbourne Scarf by Smariek


Henry Scarf by Mareike Sattler


Frostlight Scarf by Robin Ulrich


3KCBWDAY5- I’m Too Sexy For My Knits

There are moments when you glance at a picture and the one thought that runs through your mind is, “Wow, you are just too sexy for that sweater. Take it off.”

With that in mind, allow me to bring you a collection of men that even though I give them much props for the knitwear, are really better off just taking it all off.

Ladies, enjoy!

Russell Crowe wants to know if a man pretends to be knitting, does that make him look sexier?

The answer is, yes, Russell. Yes it does.

Leave it to Tom Cruise to make the turtleneck sweater look oh so sexy.

Undergear magazine presents us with this hottie with just a little more

buff then the chest of his sweater can handle. Yum!

My husband in another lifetime, Daniel Radcliffe, sports the cool kid look in this colorful sweater.

But really, I think the sweater would look much better on my bedroom floor.

It must really be hard being Robert Pattinson. To be that sexy without ever trying.

His sweater is only half on and I still want to eat him up!

This hottie still ranks as my most popular blog posting to date.

It must be the knitted cable stitch cowl that he’s wearing. Right, ladies?

Why is Channing Tatum listed here? Well. . . he’s wearing knitted socks. Really, he is.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Kellan Lutz is just way too sexy for his knits so I decided it was better to just show him without any.

Besides, who the hell wants to cover up this?!

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011: Sexy Men I Want To Get My Socks On

We all have those fantasies about famous people we would love to meet, date, marry, molest back stage at an award show, tie up to your bed and. . . well, you get what I mean.

I also have the above mentioned fantasies as well as a sort of quirky one. Since I am happily married and know that I have about a snowball chance in hell of meeting, let alone dating anyone famous, I instead like to fantasize about knitting socks for my favorite hotties. So, here is a list of my top six sexy men I would love to get my hands. . .wait, I mean, socks on.

6. Johnny Depp

Admit it ladies. When you are knitting something for your man, don’t you secretly wish you were knitting it for Johnny Depp? I know I do!

5. Robert Pattinson

Because ten million screaming teenage girls can’t be wrong.  I loved him back before he became a vampire with emotional issues.

4. Josh Groban

Yes, he has the voice of an angel. And I would be more than happy to knit the devil out of some socks for him.

3. Jamie Cullum

Well, you know what they say about short british guys with big feet, right? (I meant that they can sing really well. Get your mind out the gutter, you hussy!) However, he does wear his pants really loose and his wife always has a smile on her face, so hummm. . . .

2. John Mayer

Yes, John Mayer, the bad boy himself. There are some naughty lessons I could teach him with my knitting needles. A night with me and I’ll have him cashmere-whipped!

1. Jackson Rathbone

Jackson Rathbone is give-me-a-straw-’cause-i-just-want-to-suck-him-up damn sexy! Does there  need to be any other reason to knit him some socks?