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Kindle owners rejoice! My blog, Liver Chick Knits, is now available for you to download! That’s right, you can now follow me on the beach while you sip on cute drinks with umbrellas and get sand stuck in your ‘no-no’ regions. *giggle* wherever you take your Kindle, you can now take me along for the ride. Like an overbearing mother, I will now live vicariously through each and every one of you, so you better be having a good time out there!

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Socks Before Husbands

After all the celebration from yesterday, it was time to settle down and get back to work. I’m still working on that pair of men’s socks that I mentioned to you before. I want to make sure I get them in well before the deadline.

My Boy Toy will reluctantly be my model for the socks.

Boy Toy: “Do I need to shave my legs?”

Liver Chick: “No, you can just stay all natural.”

Boy Toy: “But my legs are so white! Maybe I should go get one of those fake tans or something.”

Liver Chick: “Yes and have your legs look like a pair of over-baked french loaves?”

Boy Toy: “Better than them looking like the first stage of rigamortis.”

Liver Chick: “Your legs are fine.”

Boy Toy: “Wait, what if someone recognizes me?”

Liver Chick: “I’m not taking a full picture of you. It’s just your feet and legs.”

Boy Toy: “But someone could still recognize me.”

Liver Chick: “Yes, because you have done oh so many fashion spreads that your legs are now as recognizable as J-Lo’s butt.”

Boy Toy: “What, you didn’t know I was a leg model in my youth? Seriously, what if one of my ex-girlfriends see the picture and realize its me.”

Liver Chick: “So, you’re saying your ex-girlfriends were on their knees so much that they would be able to recognize your knees and feet?”

Boy Toy: “Well….”

Liver Chick: “Or will they have to turn the picture upside down because they’re more use to your legs being up in the air?”

Boy Toy: “Okay, that’s just nasty! I don’t even want to think about where you’re going with that one.”

Liver Chick: “Hey, you were the one talking about ex-lovers recognizing your legs.”

Boy Toy: “I was just saying. Maybe I should shave.”

Liver Chick: “No shaving!”

Boy Toy: “But I’m so hairy. I have freaking bear legs.”

Liver Chick: “No shaving. No tanning. And if some ex-girlfriend recognizes your legs, we’ll deal with it on Jerry Springer! I just want to take a cute picture of you wearing my socks, that’s all.”

Boy Toy: “This is not going to be one of those pictures that some jaded knitter is going to try to blackmail me with later when I run for president?”

Liver Chick: “Yes, forget that you balanced the country’s budget and ended poverty in America. Your entire presidency will crumble and fall all due to this one picture of you wearing my socks.”

Boy Toy: “It could happen. Besides, you women are evil like that. Walking around with two sharp pointy things in your purse and a ball of yarn. At any moment you could drop a stitch, snap under the pressure, then stab someone to death with your needles in frustration and then use your yarn to wrap them like a mummy.”

Liver Chick: “And that is why you can never divorce me.”

Boy Toy: “No. I’ll just leave the country and then serve you divorce papers.”

Liver Chick: “You do remember, they allow knitting needles on planes again.”

Boy Toy: “Crap!”

Liver Chick: “I love you too, honey. Now try on this sock.”

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

It is time to celebrate. I checked my emails last night and what did I find? Why this adorable note sent to me by the good people over at Sanguine Gryphon:

We are very interested in publishing your sock design, and I would like to have the opportunity to discuss the design process with you.

Please call when you can, xxx-xxx-xxxx.  


 Sqeels of excitement along with lots of childish jumping around followed the reading of this email. My  first sock design accepted. I shall frame this email and I will love it and squeeze it and hug it and call it George.

I called dear beautiful Jamie who talked to me about the details of the project. Now I wait for the contract and yarn to arrive. *Liver Chick gets up from laptop and does a happy dance once around the room”

Oh, by the way, my sock design I submitted for Clotheshorse was rejected the very same day. Go figure!


An Affair With Crochet Gloves



I love crocheted gloves. I grew up seeing the older girls wearing their white gloves every Sunday on their way to church.

I remember when my mom bought me my first pair of gloves. there is just something about gloves, especially white crochet gloves that just bring to mind thoughts and images of proper ladies and gentlemen.

During my time as a costume designer, our theatre department decided to a production of “Crimes of the Heart”. The director really wanted a dainty pair of white gloves for one of the characters to wear. But after much searching, I couldn’t find a pair that really fit the character. So, I did what any multi-talented costumer would do- I crocheted my own. It was one of those wonderful challenges that make you step back and really admire your work. I adored those gloves and enjoyed seeing them on the actress’ hands every night of the show.

I above gloves are a pair ai found in a thrift store a few years back. I gave them to my mom, who likes to display them laying casually on top of her writing desk.

If anyone is interested in reviving the art of crochet / knit glove making and wearing, please let me know. You have my full support.

Sock Design Sunday: Absinthe

Absinthe, also known as the ‘green fairy’, is an alcoholic drink famously portrayed as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug. It is also the name of a really cool sock design by Sara Morris.

Make sure to click on th picture below to go to the pattern for this sock.

Absinthe Sock By Sara Morris

Fiber Arts Highlights Yarn As Art

Have you seen the Spring 2011 issue of Fiber Arts magazine? There is an article about handspun art-as-yarn.

Fiber Arts Spring 2011 Issue

The interviews show the depth of emotion, curiosity and discovery behind the artist who spin these works of art. Art yarn is an area of art that is growing rapidly- especially with the help of online spinning groups and

Art Yarn By Linda Scharf

The article in the magazine continues online with bonus pictures of art yarn made by the artist who were interviewed.

Art Yarn By Laura Mayotte

This is a great article for those who create art yarn and for those who admire such creative art.

Has The Dust Cleared Yet?

Well, I don’t want to jinks myself, but it would seem that life has finally settled down for the time being.

I am more than happy to be seeing the month of May’s ass walking away from me. It was a bad time and we are much better off parting ways with each other.

June seems to hold a bit more promise. I got an early gift from June in the form of my very first ever Jury Duty Summon!

Socking as it may seem, yes it is my very first time up for jury duty. You think that’s strange, my mom is 63 years old and has never been called for jury duty! She has even called and asked to be put on the list and still no luck.

I’ve been serious about turning in my sock designs for consideration into various knitting magazines, hence th lack of patterns being posted as I am waiting to see if any of my designs have been accepted.

I’ve only let one deadline slip through my fingers, mainly due to poor time management and that whole little bit of moving from one state to the other.

Now all my stash is finally in one place and my life- though not taking the shape I had hoped- is starting to take on something that could pass for normal.

So, what’s on my needles now?

I’m working on something wooly that i hope to turn in to for consideration. Sorry, must continue with the secrets. But I can tell you that I’m halfway through spinning that baby poo green fiber and when it’s all spun I plan to knit a pair of socks knitting it straight from the spindle. Yup, I’m going to knit it without washing the yarn and relaxing the twist. I want those twist to be alive and wirery. It should be fun.

Goodbye Mountain View

Today I say so long to Mountain View, California. Here are just a few things I will truly miss about this great little city and the surrounding area:

The Wine & Art Festival

The restaurants that line Castro Street

Mountain View Library

Hot chocolate at Red Brick

Damn good sushi

Day trips to Napa

Airship Ventures

Night trips to San Francisco

China Town

The long ass walk from the last gate to baggage loving dubbed, ‘the green mile’, at San Jose airport

The Comedy Club

Stanford Hospital

The secret government conspiracies surrounding Lockheed Martin and NASA AMES

Just Call Me Last Minute Linda

I just pressed the ‘send’ button for my design submission for Sanguine Gryphon. The deadline is May 10th and here I am on May 9th scrabbling to get my submission done.

I really have not excuse for the last-minute entry. I gave myself plenty of time to work on the swatch and draw out my sketch. However, I still found myself racing to get things done. I didn’t even have time to contemplate the consequences of pressing the ‘send’ button. I just pressed it and then freaked out.

This is my third of what will hopefully be at least eight submissions this year. My other submissions are not due until later this month, so I have some time to breath and refocus.

So, question to all you knitwear designers out there- How do you keep yourself organized so that you can meet the submission deadlines for various knitting/crochet publications? I would love to share some of your ideas and tips with other aspiring knitwear designers like myself.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there.

Giving a ton of thanks to my mommy, Carol, who taught me that being poor is not a social condition but a humble blessing. It is only when our resources are limited that our inspiration becomes limitless! 

“Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without.”