Socks Before Husbands

After all the celebration from yesterday, it was time to settle down and get back to work. I’m still working on that pair of men’s socks that I mentioned to you before. I want to make sure I get them in well before the deadline.

My Boy Toy will reluctantly be my model for the socks.

Boy Toy: “Do I need to shave my legs?”

Liver Chick: “No, you can just stay all natural.”

Boy Toy: “But my legs are so white! Maybe I should go get one of those fake tans or something.”

Liver Chick: “Yes and have your legs look like a pair of over-baked french loaves?”

Boy Toy: “Better than them looking like the first stage of rigamortis.”

Liver Chick: “Your legs are fine.”

Boy Toy: “Wait, what if someone recognizes me?”

Liver Chick: “I’m not taking a full picture of you. It’s just your feet and legs.”

Boy Toy: “But someone could still recognize me.”

Liver Chick: “Yes, because you have done oh so many fashion spreads that your legs are now as recognizable as J-Lo’s butt.”

Boy Toy: “What, you didn’t know I was a leg model in my youth? Seriously, what if one of my ex-girlfriends see the picture and realize its me.”

Liver Chick: “So, you’re saying your ex-girlfriends were on their knees so much that they would be able to recognize your knees and feet?”

Boy Toy: “Well….”

Liver Chick: “Or will they have to turn the picture upside down because they’re more use to your legs being up in the air?”

Boy Toy: “Okay, that’s just nasty! I don’t even want to think about where you’re going with that one.”

Liver Chick: “Hey, you were the one talking about ex-lovers recognizing your legs.”

Boy Toy: “I was just saying. Maybe I should shave.”

Liver Chick: “No shaving!”

Boy Toy: “But I’m so hairy. I have freaking bear legs.”

Liver Chick: “No shaving. No tanning. And if some ex-girlfriend recognizes your legs, we’ll deal with it on Jerry Springer! I just want to take a cute picture of you wearing my socks, that’s all.”

Boy Toy: “This is not going to be one of those pictures that some jaded knitter is going to try to blackmail me with later when I run for president?”

Liver Chick: “Yes, forget that you balanced the country’s budget and ended poverty in America. Your entire presidency will crumble and fall all due to this one picture of you wearing my socks.”

Boy Toy: “It could happen. Besides, you women are evil like that. Walking around with two sharp pointy things in your purse and a ball of yarn. At any moment you could drop a stitch, snap under the pressure, then stab someone to death with your needles in frustration and then use your yarn to wrap them like a mummy.”

Liver Chick: “And that is why you can never divorce me.”

Boy Toy: “No. I’ll just leave the country and then serve you divorce papers.”

Liver Chick: “You do remember, they allow knitting needles on planes again.”

Boy Toy: “Crap!”

Liver Chick: “I love you too, honey. Now try on this sock.”

Inspiration for Today


Here is a pic from my notebook that I hope will inspire some romantic Victorian designs. Happy knitting.

My Inspiration Book


Long ago I use to have a tiny envelope filled with a few clippings of pictures from magazines. These were images that moved and inspired me. When I went off to CalArts, I pinned this pictures up on a cork board in my dorm room- my first inspiration board.

When I was a teacher and costume designer at Phoenix College, I collected more images that rotated on my design boards. I also taught my students to keep files of pictures that were interesting to them.

After I got married I looked at the files of pictures I’ve collected over the years and realized that they had grown too large to hang on boards. I didn’t want them sitting in some drawer anymore. I wanted to find a way to be able to look at them all whenever I wanted. I also wanted it to be portable to go with me where I traveled.

Among my things I found a big 3-ring binder that was used to hold my copy of scripts. I emptied it out of its previous contents and began to but thick sheets of colored construction paper inside. On each page I glued my pictures. Soon I was going to the craft store to buy more paper and what started as a small envelope of images has now grown into a notebook that continues to grow.

I still keep an inspiration board, but when I add new images to the board I take the old ones down and give them a permanent home in my notebook.

I highly recommend an inspiration book to anyone, even if you are not the type of person that would normally have an inspiration board. It becomes a great reference and a way to help unblock you when you feel creatively stuck or in a slump.