Happy Knit Year!

By now I would assume that everyone has gotten over the holiday hump and have developed a nice holiday bump along the belly and butt. Don’t worry about the extra pounds you now carry. You’ll be happy about that blubber when those freak storms of February roll in. Right now, we have more important matters to discuss.

So, what are your knitting plans for 2011? Forget New Year resolutions. ┬áNow is the time to start planning out your knitting calendar. What knitting events do you want to attend this year? Who’s workshops do you want to go to? What new knitting techniques to you wish to master? What the hell do you want to knit this year? And this is just the start. We haven’t even started on the details like, how much more yarn do I need to buy and hide? Do I have enough needles? How much ink will I need to print out even more free patterns from Ravelry?

Don’t let the new year catch you with no knitting to do. Plan well. Stay diligent. And you may find yourself in 2011 with twelve glorious months of knitting nirvana. Happy Knit Year!