3KCBWDAY5- I’m Too Sexy For My Knits

There are moments when you glance at a picture and the one thought that runs through your mind is, “Wow, you are just too sexy for that sweater. Take it off.”

With that in mind, allow me to bring you a collection of men that even though I give them much props for the knitwear, are really better off just taking it all off.

Ladies, enjoy!

Russell Crowe wants to know if a man pretends to be knitting, does that make him look sexier?

The answer is, yes, Russell. Yes it does.

Leave it to Tom Cruise to make the turtleneck sweater look oh so sexy.

Undergear magazine presents us with this hottie with just a little more

buff then the chest of his sweater can handle. Yum!

My husband in another lifetime, Daniel Radcliffe, sports the cool kid look in this colorful sweater.

But really, I think the sweater would look much better on my bedroom floor.

It must really be hard being Robert Pattinson. To be that sexy without ever trying.

His sweater is only half on and I still want to eat him up!

This hottie still ranks as my most popular blog posting to date.

It must be the knitted cable stitch cowl that he’s wearing. Right, ladies?

Why is Channing Tatum listed here? Well. . . he’s wearing knitted socks. Really, he is.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Kellan Lutz is just way too sexy for his knits so I decided it was better to just show him without any.

Besides, who the hell wants to cover up this?!

I Will Resist

Oh my. The stripping on this sweater is just hot. No, I’m not looking at the guy who is wearing it. You can’t make me look into those deep hungry eyes. I won’t be tempted by that wisp of hair that plays in front of his face. I will not be seduced by the arm muscles that the sweater just can’t hide. No! I will resist. I will resist!

Okay, maybe just one little peek. . .

In Good Hands

Wanted to let you know that I am taking a week off to spend some quality time with my Boy Toy. But don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone. I wanted to make sure that you would be in good hands while I’m gone. So, I have scheduled a week of eye candy for your pleasure. Sexy guys wearing sexy knits- what could be better. If I have time I may just pop my head in to say hi.

So, enjoy your week and I’ll see you again shortly.

Here’s a preview of what to expect. Enjoy!

Grey Temptation

OUT In Knits

I love reading Out Magazine. It’s one of my favorite guilty pleaseures. What can I say, I’m a fruit fly and have to support my friends! Issue after issue there are four things that Out Magazine has always delivered for me- Cute. Boys. Wearing. Knits. And this month’s issue was no exception. Here I give you a couple of sweet eye candy pics from the pages of Out. Boys, you may now start drooling. (And girls, you’re allowed to drool too.)

Here again are those stripes that are all in fashion this upcoming Fall/Winter season:

Out Magazine Come As You Are Fashion Article

Sometimes, I really wish I was gay man. The guy in this pic is just all kinds of Yummy!:

Out Magazine Come As Your Are Fashion Article (Oh, please tell me I can have him for dinner!)

Stripes In Your Future

Bold Stripe Sweaters From Details Magazine August 2011

 The future appears to be full of stripes. At least that is the look cropping up among the runways as upcoming offerings for the Fall season. We’re not talking about the pencile thin stripes worthy of a naurtical fashion victim or a member of the Village People. These stripes are bold with a casual laid back look. So, still your boyfriend’s sweater, or better yet, knit one for yourself.

Below are a few knitting patterns that can help get you the must-have look of the season:

Sleeveless Stripe Sweater by Drops Designs


Stripey Pattern by Petite Knits


Cascade 220 Strip Raglan Pattern By Sarah Hasse

Boy Toy in Knits


Was at the bookstore the other day. I was browsing through my usual hangout- the magazine section- when a picture of a cute guy caught my eye. I picked up the magazine. The picture happened to be Darren Criss from the popular show Glee.

Darren’s face happens to be on the cover of this month’s Out magazine. As is a habit with me, I always flip through a magazine backwards, and I was so glad I did. Near the back was this picture of Mr. Criss wearing nothing but knits!

After seeing this picture I dare any woman to say that men don’t look sexy in knits!