Liver Chick Knits Is Open For Business

Finally, after months of talking myself in and out of it, I got my store up and running on Etsy.

It is a place for me to sell my every growing collection of stitch markers that I keep making. (Well, it was either this or tell everyone they would be getting a set of stitch markers for Christmas.)

If the mood hits me, I may also add a few knitted items to the store around the winter holidays.

The store is still a work in progress and I will continue to add more of my stitch markers each week.

When you get a moment, head on over and take a lot. I hope you enjoy it:

My Knitting Weapons Of Mass Destruction


Well, here it is. My tools that help me through any knitting or crochet challenge that life brings my way. Allow me to walk you through the goodies.

Starting at the upper right corner is the sparkle bag that I permanently borrowed from my mother. I love it because it is the same color as my birthstone- aquamarine. I think she originally bought it at Taget in one of their $1 bins.

Below that is a grey crochet that I actually use to crochet! I know, shocking isn’t it. I have yet to figure out the whole picking up dropped stitches with it as I find that my own knitting needles work just fine for doing those sort of fixes.

Next to the crochet hook is a small yellow box of stitch markers. These stitch markers came with my “I Can’t Believe I’m Knitting” set that Lion Brand put out. I rarely ever use these, but they are a nice reminder of just how far I’ve come as a knitter.

Below that are two stitch holders. My knitting would be doomed to failure without these. I use them to hold stitches, mark repeats, pin patterns to yarn, hold pieces together as they’re being seamed, clean the dirt under my nails, and many other things.

Then there is my trusty blue needle. My mom gave me this needle when I first learned to work with plastic canvas as a child. It has followed me ever since. This needle has tackled every type of yarn- from mohair to fun fur to bulky novelty. There is no yarn this needle can’t handle.

The writing pen you see is the one  I stole from the Sheraton Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. It was pretty. No one was looking. So I took it. End of story. (Like they don’t have a million of them in some back room somewhere.)
The small pink handled scissors were my big ‘splurge’ when I took a sewing class in college. All the other students in the class had big expensive professional scissors. All I could afford was what most dressmakers refer to as ‘thread cutters’. Yet these scissors prove that size doesn’t matter. My scissors have made costumes for sixteen theatre productions and about a dozen quilt tops. And the whole time I’ve owned them, they’ve only been sharpened twice.

 Two random buttons that I honestly don’t know why they are there. But since I do not dare question the logic of the knitting gods, I’ll just let them be.
The pink measuring tape is actually supposed to be a novelty toy for kids. What kid goes around asking for measuring tape? Well, it was small and useful, so I adopted it into my knitting bag.
Hello Kitty came from a purse my hubby gave me for Valentine’s Day. There are actually two of them in my bag and they help give me a little giggle every time I reach into my bag for something.
This handmade stitch marker is one of the many I just started making for my online Etsy store. It’s a nice sample to show people when they ask me what I sell on Etsy.
The two felt flowers have no reason for being in my bag other than some munchkin put them in there and I haven’t taken them out. Although they are very cute, they do have a real home, so alas, I must give them back at some point.
And the two small metal chains? They are what the Hello Kitty’s hung off of. I’m sure I can find a good use for them if they stay in my knitting bag long enough.
And finally, one of my most prized possessions next to my vintage knitting needles- is my ruler/knitting needle sizer from Sears. This was one of those great thrift store finds that I still can’t believe I was luck enough to find. I measure all my needles with this ruler and the handy two-inch stitch measure window really helps now that I finally learned to care about gauge.

So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The elements that make my knitting come together. So, what items are in your knitting bag that you just couldn’t knit without?

My Well Worn Friends


These are my size 8/ 5 mm Boye knitting needles. They are one of the first set of knitting needles I ever bought. We have been through so much together.

They have traveled with me through five house moves. They have been confiscated by police when I tried to take them into a court-house. They relaxed on the beaches in Florida and California and have watched the sun set on the beaches of Hawaii.

These needles have seen almost as many movies as I have. And they are the needles that are usually with me when I have to be admitted to the hospital.

They are dependable, forgiving of mistakes and can make even ugly patterns look good. I don’t know where my knitting would be without them. Thank you old friends. May our knitting journey never end.

What knitting / crochet tools that hold a special place in your life? What are your crafting partners in crime?

Straw Stitch Holder


Who says you need expensive or fancy knitting equipment? You have some of the best knitting tools already laying around your house.

In the picture you will see that I used a cheap old bendable straw as a stitch holder. The project is a sock that I’m knitting for a friend.