They’re Coming. . .

Yes, they’re coming. And they’re not leaving until you give them all your candy. . . or else!

Ghost by Jean Greenhowe

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is almost that time of year again.

The stores have been reminding you for weeks already and as much as you want to ignore it,

soon Halloween will be upon us.

Monster Finger Chapstick Cozy by Karrie Weaver

Why not add a bit more to your Halloween decor this year besides plastic spiders and paper skulls?

Come on! You’ve knitted socks, crocheted blankets, made hats, sweaters and various other needlework goodies this year.

So don’t tell me you’re scared of knitting a few little ghost and goblins.

BOO bag by Bernat Design Team

Pick up that hook and/or those knitting needles and create a few witching friends to help you scare the ‘boo’ out of some unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Happy Pumpkin by Lion Brand


Let me know what ghoulish guest will be flying off your needles this Hallows Eve.

Stripes In Your Future

Bold Stripe Sweaters From Details Magazine August 2011

 The future appears to be full of stripes. At least that is the look cropping up among the runways as upcoming offerings for the Fall season. We’re not talking about the pencile thin stripes worthy of a naurtical fashion victim or a member of the Village People. These stripes are bold with a casual laid back look. So, still your boyfriend’s sweater, or better yet, knit one for yourself.

Below are a few knitting patterns that can help get you the must-have look of the season:

Sleeveless Stripe Sweater by Drops Designs


Stripey Pattern by Petite Knits


Cascade 220 Strip Raglan Pattern By Sarah Hasse

The Pleasure of the Process

I was looking through my sketch books this morning and was blown away at the amount of ideas I have sketched and collected in just a year. I find the very process of coming up with ideas to be just as exciting as seeing the final results knitted up.

This got me to thinking about the notebooks of other designers and after a search on Flickr, I was very pleased to find some designers willing to give us a peek into their sketch books and design process. May you be inspired to pick up your pen and pad and create something new.

photo by litlnemophoto by: have you any wool?photo by jessfir


photo by MaryJaneM

photo by The Bacanes


Harry Potter And The Knitting Spell

July 15th, 2011 will mark the US premier of the final chapter of the Harry Potter movie series.

Like many people, I have followed Harry Potter since the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone came out. It was a story on CNN about a community burning the first book that got me interested in reading the series. (Anything that merits an old-fashion book burning must be a damn good book!) I was hooked on Harry after the first chapter and have been a loyal Potter-head ever since.

Harry Potter has done more than just get a whole new generation of kids away from the TV and to the library. It has also sparked a whole new realm of fantasy and fictional inspired knitting. From Mrs. Weasley’s now famous sweaters to Hagrid’s knitting that measures the size of a tent, we knitters have been obsessed with the knitting found or implied in the books by J.K. Rowling.

Alison Hansal”s Charmed Knits and the many Harry Potter groups found on Ravelry, Google and Yahoo are poof that the knitting spell Harry Potter has cast will live long after the final movie credits roll by.

Thank you J. K. Rowling and that you Harry Potter, for your inspiration, motivation and for bring that little bit of magic back into all of our lives!

As a final tribute to this great magical journey we’ve all been on, I encourage you to wear something knitted or crocheted this week that would be worthy of the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry. And to all you Harry Potter fans out there please tell me, what knitted / crocheted HP-inspired item will you be wearing to celebrate the final movie?

I leave you with a few of my favorite Harry Potter patterns. Enjoy!

Quidditch Sweater by Anne Bergeron (photo credit ACraftyLawyer)


Hogwarts Scarf by Lauren Kent (photo credit: starfallz)



Aragog the Spider by Wendy Gross


Mandrake Plant by PhoenyThe Golden Snitch by Melissa Mall


The Weasley Sweater by Alison Hansel (photo credit: knitsmith)

Oogaling Olgajazzy

I was on the Deep South Fibers website looking at patterns and just fell in love with the designs by Olgajazzy, aka, Olga Buraya-Kefelian. Her pieces are just wonderful to look at and many of her techniques remind me of couture fashion techniques. Well constructed and beautifully presented, her patterns are the ones you’ve been saving that special yarn for.

You can find more of Olgajazzy’s designs on Deep South Fibers, Ravelry and on her blog.

Design By Olgajazzy


Submission Is Damn Sexy

When most people think of the word, ‘submission’, they think of some poor woman buried under the foot of an overbearing husband. Some more kinky-minded individuals think of the S&M games we like to play in the bedroom. To knitters, the very sound of the word turns us on!

Knitters know that submitting can be damn sexy and very fulfilling. So, what kind of submission am I talking about? It’s the kind that can transform a knitter from a hobby crafter into a full-fledged knitwear designer. It’s submitting your work for publication consideration.

There are knitters who have wet dreams over the thought of their patterns being published. And if your pattern makes it to the coveted front cover of a knitting magazine, well, that’s a full on orgasm right there! It doesn’t matter if you just learned to knit two weeks ago. If you have a design idea in your head, why not take the chance to turn it into a sweet profitable reality?

Below are a list of a few upcoming calls for submissions for you to consider. *Warning- the reading of submission guidelines is  known to be an aphrodisiac.

Twist Collective Winter 2011 Issue

Deadline for submission: May 5, 2011

Submission information:

Mood board:

Clotheshorse Spring 2012 Issue

Deadline for submission: May 20, 2011

Submission Information:

Mood board:

Knitscene Spring 2012 Issue

Deadline for submission: May 20, 2011

Submission information: Deep Fall 2011 Issue

Deadline for submission: June 1, 2011

Submission information:

Brave New Knits Rocks!

I picked up another gem from the library this week. Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman. The patterns in this book make you want to go out and buy more yarn, but that is not why i love this book. I love it because of its interviews with many of the  knitwear designers/bloggers that we all know and love.

Interview after interview, I am amazed and inspired by the diverse and often times contradictory backgrounds of each designer that somehow knitting has worked its way into.

Each designer interview includes a pattern from the designer. This gives more depth and meaning to each pattern because after you finish reading about a designer’s approach to knitwear and their design philosophy, then you turn the page and see their ideas and concepts in full physical form waiting for you to make.

The overall message in this book is how the internet- and especially Ravelry- has help to make are knitting community a little more ‘close-knit’ and has been a great platform for new designers and their work.

A great book to read for anyone thinking about becoming a knitwear designer or if you just want to know how a person makes the leap from biochemisrty to sweater designer.

Online Drug Dealer

Pss… Come here. Around the corner, follow me. (Looks around to make sure no one is looking)

Okay, here’s the deal. I thought I would be a good drug addict and share with you a connection to my online drug dealer. My dealer goes by the name, Knitting Pattern Central. My dealer has every type of drug a knitter could want- baby blanket patterns, hat patterns, sweater patterns, even sock patterns!

Here is a link to the sock patterns:

They got every sock pattern a sock druggie could want and most of it is free!

Just don’t let the knitting cops catch you and try to play it cool and natural at your next stitch n’ bitch so no one will get suspicious. Keep it on the down low and if anyone ask, you didn’t hear it from me.

Happy Knit Year!

By now I would assume that everyone has gotten over the holiday hump and have developed a nice holiday bump along the belly and butt. Don’t worry about the extra pounds you now carry. You’ll be happy about that blubber when those freak storms of February roll in. Right now, we have more important matters to discuss.

So, what are your knitting plans for 2011? Forget New Year resolutions.  Now is the time to start planning out your knitting calendar. What knitting events do you want to attend this year? Who’s workshops do you want to go to? What new knitting techniques to you wish to master? What the hell do you want to knit this year? And this is just the start. We haven’t even started on the details like, how much more yarn do I need to buy and hide? Do I have enough needles? How much ink will I need to print out even more free patterns from Ravelry?

Don’t let the new year catch you with no knitting to do. Plan well. Stay diligent. And you may find yourself in 2011 with twelve glorious months of knitting nirvana. Happy Knit Year!