Vogue Knitting Live! Second Times the Charm

This weekend marks the second year of Vogue Knitting Live! Once again, the show that took the knitting community by storm is heating things up in New York. They will also be heating things up again in LA later this year.

For those of you who weren’t able to go or are still on the fence on whether or not its worth the trip, please allow me to share with you a wonderful recap along with a video clip of last year’s show in LA- Vogue Knitting Live! LA

I hope all of you that are attending the event have an outstanding time. Please don’t forget to post your pictures from the event. You know how much i love stalking Flickr.



So Close, But So Far

"I wanna go to Vogue Knitting Live!"


Right now in Los Angeles, California, knitters in masses have descended upon the city for a weekend of uninhibited knitting and yarn frolicking.

On this day, the doors will open to welcome knitters and crocheters to an upscale experience of luxury yarns, best selling authors and classes taught by some of the knitting and crochet community elite.

Just eigth hours away from where I am are the glimmering lights, sounds and smells of what has quickly become one of the best knitting events of the year. Vogue Knitting Live! http://www.vogueknittinglive.com/

It pains me to know that I live just a state over yet I have no way of getting to experience Vogue Knitting for myself.

I have a design I created for Premier Yarns which I believe will bw a part of the runway show. Go figure, I can’t go, but my design will be there.

I put out a word on Twitter in the hopes that someone with fast typing fingers will tweet all the play by play action while at VK Live!

So, now I need to find a knitting project for this weekend to keep me from wallowing in my own self piety. Maybe I’ll knit a baby blanket to go with me whining like a baby all this weekend. *sigh*