Being a knitter, one would expect me to have a list of famous knitters that I would consider my muses and mentors. But the truth is, I don’t. I do like Cookie A., (and that’s mainly because I was in the same knitting group with her when I lived in San Jose). I also like Anne Hanson of Knitspot, but I confess it is because she is in an interracial relationship just like me and spoils her hubby the same way I do. The fact that she happens to be a kick-ass knitter is just a bonus.

No, my true muse is not what most people would expect. . . .


Nothing moves me and inspires me the way music does. I am a slave to its power over me. A duet between Kenny Loggins and Amy Grant can result in a knitted purse. The voice of Garth Brooks can start me knitting a pair of leg warmers. And the sound of Josh Groban can move my fingers to crochet a lovely shawl.

I could never work  in a void of silence. I am a quite person by nature, who usually prefers the sound of my own heartbeat. But when it comes time to create, my work can only be done with its own soundtrack.

For those of you who may be curious, I’ll share with you some of the songs that move me the most to create. Those who have been following my blog for a while would not be surprised to know that Jamie Cullum is at the top of my list of artist whose music I love. Everything he touches turns to gold for me. I can’t listen to one of his songs without picking up my needles or hook. He just has that power over me. And I don’t mind saying that I like it.

Click on the picture to see one of my favorite Jamie Cullum performances.

Along with Jamie, here are a few songs that always work to get my creative juices flowing:

Alice’s Theme by Danny Elfman

Aria by Yanni

Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

Bring The Rain by Mercy Me

Comfortable by John Mayer

Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble

Fireworks by Katy Perry

Right Round by Flo Rida

Footloose by Kenny Loggins

F**k You by Cee Lo Green

Hate On Me by Jill Scott

Grenade (Acoustic) by Bruno Mars

7 Days to Change Your Life by Jamie Cullum

Yeah! by Usher

Hallelujah by K.D. Lang

Hey Soul Sister by Train

Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

The One by Mary J. Blige

I Belong To You by Muse

Nature Boy by Jamie Cullum

I Wish by Stevie Wonder

. . . and according to my iPod, 634 other songs that inspire me as well.

Naughty Granny

I saw this photo and just started laughing. Found out the photo came from another blogger and after reading their entire blog entry I just had to share. Below is a excerpt from the blog regarding this photo. You can read the full blog entry at Brain Debris.


“While not provocative, this photo did bring up several questions. 1. WHAT is she willing to knit for sex? Is she giving away swatches or sweaters? Does it depend on the requested act? Do men who provide merino alpaca blend get “bonuses”?Maybe she’s knitting patterns from Naughty Needles or DomiKNITrix. 2. Why is the man behind her so enthusiastic? Is he her pimp or is he just finally glad he’s figured out how to get her to HAVE sex? Notice the lip prints on his shirt? HMMMMM. 3. Who is the slightly inebriated looking gentleman with his dirty hands on gramma? Maybe he’s the infomercial guy and the man in the back is the testimonial happy customer. Maybe he’s an alpaca farmer and is throwing her this party for increasing his profits through her innovative entrepreneurship. 4. How long does it take her to knit for sex? She better be using Addi-turbos if she’s got a high sex drive! 5. Why is she advertising on a paper cone hat? Couldn’t she knit one? 6. Does this mean that we know what all the little old men wearing scarves have been doing? Is the length of the scarf indicative of anything? 7. Is this why so many elderly ladies take up knitting? I thought it might be because they needed something to do while waiting for the Viagra to kick in. At the very least I thought the needles would be a great deterrent. Seems not so much!”

A Knitter Is Thankful

I am thankful for:

The many balls of yarn that own me.

The store containers that Costco sales for me to hide my stash.

Bamboo knitting needles

Shiny crochet hooks

Patterns that actually knit up into a garment that looks like the picture.

A husband who loves me enough to still wear the ugly sweater I knitted for him while we were dating.

Mink and cashmere blend yarn


Sock knitters

Every person picking up a pair of needles or crochet hook for the first time

My blog

Red Heart

Stitch markers

Yarn sales

Sanguine Gryphon for giving me my big break.


Men and women who knitted because they had to, so that now I can knit because I want to.

My wonderously creative hands

2×2 rib stitch

Babies that need knitted stuff

Family and friends that I deeply love and who are not ashamed to  loves this crazy knitter.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Little Red, Where Are You?

So, remember that red mohair yarn I talked about making into socks awhile back? Well, I did start knitting socks with them, (which knitted up gorgously by the way), but in the process of working on the leg portion I got struck with another idea to turn them into a pair of leg warmers. Well, it so happened that a couple of knitting opportunities have arise and my leg warmers seem like a perfect fit for one of them. So my once mohair socks are now  a swatch with sketch design for leg warmers, currently on their way to being considered for a magazine. Crossing my fingers. Wish me luck.

So, That’s All You Do Is Knit?

“So, is that knitting you’re doing?”, asked a lady dressed in a business suite who just sat down across from me at the doctor’s office.

“Why, yes it is.”, I responded.

“Must be some serious stress at work that got you knitting that fast.”

“Oh no, I don’t work. I just really enjoy knitting. The speed just came naturally over time.”

“You don’t work? So, that’s all you do is knit?”

(At this point there are several responses going on in my head that I would like to say to her, but the better part of me says I shouldn’t be rude, so I go with my usual response):

“Well, I’m also a dedicated housewife and do my best to take care of my family.”

“Must be nice to not have to do anything with your life.”

(Yes, I know what you are thinking and despite the fact we were in a doctor’s office and she would recieve immediate medical attention, I still felt it would be inappropriate to stab her with my knitting needle. Besides, I was knitting with wool. Do you realize how hard it is to get blood stains out of wool? No, I refrained myself and simply responded):

“Yes, it is very nice.”

I’ve had my share of people stating that same question, “So, that’s all you do is knit?”, as if such a thing was impossible to wrap one’s brains around. Of course that’s not all I do. But it is something I do a lot and surprisingly it a skill that many people- both in the past and present- have been able to do as a full-time profession.

Since I’m way too nice to say to people what I really want to say, I’ll share my thoughts with you on how I really would like to respond to the question, “So, that’s all you do is knit?” (Please feel free to add your own responses to the list):

“So, that’s all you do is knit?”

– No, I occasionally poop and pee too!

– Yes, because it keeps me from biting strangers.

– No. I also know how to kill people and hide the bodies.

– Yes, or the people in my head start to get really angry if I don’t.

– No. In my spare time I’m also working on a cure for people who ask stupid questions.

– Yes. It was either this or give blowjobs for a living.

– No. This is just a part-time gig. My true profession is underwater basket weaving.

– Yes, but only because it’s a requirement for being a part of the witness protection program.

– No. I also like to count how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.

– Yes. but I only do it until the Prozac kicks in.

– No. I my spare time I’m also practicing to become a professional masturbator.

(Sidenote- I’m cracking up over the search tags I’ve added for this posting. Google search engine is going to look at this and go WTF!)

Homemade Condom

The title of this blog got your attention, didn’t it? Well, I actually did make a condom, but it’s not for what you think, so get your mind out the gutter you hussy.

I like all my yarn to be in nice neat balls before I work with them. Since 80% of my yarn are in center-pull skeins when I buy them, this means I need to convert them into balls when I get them home.

As anyone who has worked with yan knows, the stuff loves to roll around and away from you. So, one of the things I did to prevent this was to knit up a yarn condom. I used my Boy Toy’s Knifty Knitter knitting loom to make a very stretchy and flexible condom that could hold yarn of all different shapes and sizes.

The loom used to make the condom was the small round blue one and the yarn used was Lion Brand Trellis.

The pictures below shows the condom in action as I convert a skein of Lion Brand Homespun into a nice fluffy ball.

Yarn Condom


Close up of Yarn Condom


Another Shot of the Condom

Has The Dust Cleared Yet?

Well, I don’t want to jinks myself, but it would seem that life has finally settled down for the time being.

I am more than happy to be seeing the month of May’s ass walking away from me. It was a bad time and we are much better off parting ways with each other.

June seems to hold a bit more promise. I got an early gift from June in the form of my very first ever Jury Duty Summon!

Socking as it may seem, yes it is my very first time up for jury duty. You think that’s strange, my mom is 63 years old and has never been called for jury duty! She has even called and asked to be put on the list and still no luck.

I’ve been serious about turning in my sock designs for consideration into various knitting magazines, hence th lack of patterns being posted as I am waiting to see if any of my designs have been accepted.

I’ve only let one deadline slip through my fingers, mainly due to poor time management and that whole little bit of moving from one state to the other.

Now all my stash is finally in one place and my life- though not taking the shape I had hoped- is starting to take on something that could pass for normal.

So, what’s on my needles now?

I’m working on something wooly that i hope to turn in to Knitty.com for consideration. Sorry, must continue with the secrets. But I can tell you that I’m halfway through spinning that baby poo green fiber and when it’s all spun I plan to knit a pair of socks knitting it straight from the spindle. Yup, I’m going to knit it without washing the yarn and relaxing the twist. I want those twist to be alive and wirery. It should be fun.

Dude, Where’s My Yarn?

I’m here in California, packing up what use to be my home for the last three years. Now my entire house is being wrapped up in butcher paper and stuffed into uniform brown cardboard boxes.

It is fascinating to watch complete strangers tear down in a matter of hours what took you years to put together. My life here is now over.

The hard part for me was trying to figure out what to do with my yarn. We couldn’t personally drive it back to Arizona as I was hoping to do. Those of you with a signficant yarn stash would understand the need for your yarn to have personal protection. As much as I tried, the driver of the moving truck refused to keep my yarn securely buckled in the seat next to him and my Boy Toy put his foot down on shipping my stash express mail with $1,000 insurance on it. Instead, I was reduced to shoving it all into a suitcase and having the moving guys toss it into the back of the truck along with the rest of my household goods.

I was shocked to find out that the driver would not be driving straight to the storage place we had selected. Instead, he would be making a few stops along the way- loading and unloading cargo. What if the tag on my bag of yarn falls off and he leaves it at the wrong location? What if one of his stops is at the home of another knitter whose keen noise can sniff out the scent of wool and takes my stash for her own use? What if the truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the only way the driver can get some help from the locals is to barter my precious yarn for water and a phone call?

These are serious scenarios that seemed lost on everyone but me. With sad eyes, I watched as the truck started it’s engine and rolled away with my yarn. I don’t know where my yarn is going or if it will reach its final destination. The last comforting thought I had as the truck drove out of sight, “Well, at least I was able to sneak the rest of my knitting needles into my purse”.

Sock Yarn Saturday

These two sock/fingering yarns are the work of Lena Brown of Lena Brown Designs. These yummy yarns are made with Angora fibers that are sure to give your socks that warm and fuzzy feeling every time you slip your feet into them. Just click on either picture to learn more about the yarn and the many others she has for sale at her Etsy store.

Carmel Delight Handpainted Angora Alpaca Wool

Pixie Handpainted Angora Superwash Merino

The Will To Traveling Well

Well, I’m on the plane again this week, traveling to sunny California. I am attempting to pack all my things into one giant duffle bag and bring with me only one carry on. (This is the attempt I make every time I travel. The reality is that I end up with two over stuffed suitcases, my laptop bag , purse, knitting bag, coat and a personal pizza from that Pizza Hut kiosk that seems to be in front of every gate.)

My hope this trip is to test a theory regarding airplane travel that I often hear about.  I’ve read many times in travel magazines that airport staff treat people differently based on how they are dressed. The more “rich” or “business” -like you look, the better service you receive.

I’ve always been a sweatpants and worn out t-shirt kind of traveler, which usually has resulted in me blending in with the airport walls. It’s not that I’ve gotten bad service from my appearance, just usually not much service.

This time I want to see what would happen if I came to the airport in a bit more high-fashion style. My inspiration is Ivanka Trump, who, in the February 2011 issue of Travel + Leisure, showed how to travel in true style.

Ivanka Trump Dressed For Travel

Read full article here: http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/ivanka-trumps-jet-set-travel-outfit#

With Ivanka as my muse, I have actually washed my clothes and made the effort to match up an outfit along with a necklace and ring. I’m even going to sacrifice comfort for style by wearing *gasp* high heels! I’ve been cleaning up the scuff marks on my purse as I plan for it and a light sweater to be the only items I go through security with. But fear not!No knitting will be sacrificed during this event. Hidden in my purse will be at least two socks on the needles ready for me to knit.

My cell phone will be at the ready, tweeting my travel experiment as it unfolds. And I plan on doing a post the next day to let you know how things went. Wish me luck!