My Design Is In A Knit-Along

Mark your calendars folks. On June 4th, one of my designs will be in its first every Knit-Along!

The wonderful people at are hosting their first ever knit-along and they selected my Cobblestone Road Womens Sock design as their first project!

I’m so excited and extremely honored for one of my designs to be part of a knit-along. I strongly encourage you to head over to on June 4th and join in the fun of knitting these socks. I can’t wait to see the varied colors and ways that knitters knit up these cute socks.

Below is a copy of the button that will be on the site for the knit-along. It’s not active yet, but do be on the lookout for the button as it should be up soon.

Dressing Humphrey Bogart

The Sanguine Gryphon Fall 2011 pattern collection was released this week on their website. This season’s collection is presented with a Film Noir theme!

Named after some of the famous faces of the screen, the collection of patterns show off the dark seductive intrigue that is Film Noir.

I am honored that one of my sock designs was included in this wonderful collection. The socks are called Humphrey Bogart, the Hard-Boiled. Knitted in my signature two-needle sock design, these socks are perfect for those wanting to add a bit more flair to their man’s wardrobe.  If Humphrey Bogart was still alive, I’m sure he would approve of the design.

Humphrey Bogart Sock

A big “Thank You” to Jamie and the rest of the Sanguine Gryphon clan for al the work you put into making this collection.

Red, White and Hooked

Here are a few quick last minute 4th of July gifts you can crochet before the first fire cracker is lit this evening. Happy 4th of July everyone. Now go fourth and light something on fire!


Patriotic Dog Collar


As American As... Pot Holder


And of course, I had to include at least one sock design. . . .


American Flag Socks



I finally got some really cute pictures of my Boy Toy wearing my first ever male socks. And, of course I can’t show them to you because the swatch for it is being sent off for consideration in another knitting magazine.

My room looks like a giant mutant yarn moster stumbled into it after having way too many jager and redbull shots and threw up all over the place. There is yarn everywhere- but in the oh so wrong kind of way.

I just found my bobbin lace pillow, finished the lace edging that’s been hanging off that thing for like the past three years and have now started another lace piece. (Yes, I do bobbin lace. Unlike Latin, its not completely a dead artform. And once I take over the world with my two needle knitting I will then require all scholl age children to spend two hours a day learning bobbin lace. Yes, I AM an evil dictator!)

The Boy Toy has finally raised the white flag saying he has given up on trying to understand how I can have so many different craft projects going on at the same time. “I still can’t pat my head and rub my belly at the same time. How the hell do you manage to do so many things at once?”

After several tall adult drinks, I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that unless someone is willing to give me an all expenses paid trip, I will not be going to Sock Summit this year. (Wait, I think I may need another drink. The pain is starting to come back.)

I just realized that once my sock design gets published I still need to come up with a plan to get three TNNA members to write letters of introduction for me. Anyone out there willing to volunteer? I’m willing to send a free pair of hand knitted socks to you for your time. (Yes, I will stoop so low as to knit my way into TNNA. I am never above grovaling!)

And, well…

I’m working on another sock design that I will try to post here on the blog next week. Yup, its going to be a free one, yeah!!!


Socks Before Husbands

After all the celebration from yesterday, it was time to settle down and get back to work. I’m still working on that pair of men’s socks that I mentioned to you before. I want to make sure I get them in well before the deadline.

My Boy Toy will reluctantly be my model for the socks.

Boy Toy: “Do I need to shave my legs?”

Liver Chick: “No, you can just stay all natural.”

Boy Toy: “But my legs are so white! Maybe I should go get one of those fake tans or something.”

Liver Chick: “Yes and have your legs look like a pair of over-baked french loaves?”

Boy Toy: “Better than them looking like the first stage of rigamortis.”

Liver Chick: “Your legs are fine.”

Boy Toy: “Wait, what if someone recognizes me?”

Liver Chick: “I’m not taking a full picture of you. It’s just your feet and legs.”

Boy Toy: “But someone could still recognize me.”

Liver Chick: “Yes, because you have done oh so many fashion spreads that your legs are now as recognizable as J-Lo’s butt.”

Boy Toy: “What, you didn’t know I was a leg model in my youth? Seriously, what if one of my ex-girlfriends see the picture and realize its me.”

Liver Chick: “So, you’re saying your ex-girlfriends were on their knees so much that they would be able to recognize your knees and feet?”

Boy Toy: “Well….”

Liver Chick: “Or will they have to turn the picture upside down because they’re more use to your legs being up in the air?”

Boy Toy: “Okay, that’s just nasty! I don’t even want to think about where you’re going with that one.”

Liver Chick: “Hey, you were the one talking about ex-lovers recognizing your legs.”

Boy Toy: “I was just saying. Maybe I should shave.”

Liver Chick: “No shaving!”

Boy Toy: “But I’m so hairy. I have freaking bear legs.”

Liver Chick: “No shaving. No tanning. And if some ex-girlfriend recognizes your legs, we’ll deal with it on Jerry Springer! I just want to take a cute picture of you wearing my socks, that’s all.”

Boy Toy: “This is not going to be one of those pictures that some jaded knitter is going to try to blackmail me with later when I run for president?”

Liver Chick: “Yes, forget that you balanced the country’s budget and ended poverty in America. Your entire presidency will crumble and fall all due to this one picture of you wearing my socks.”

Boy Toy: “It could happen. Besides, you women are evil like that. Walking around with two sharp pointy things in your purse and a ball of yarn. At any moment you could drop a stitch, snap under the pressure, then stab someone to death with your needles in frustration and then use your yarn to wrap them like a mummy.”

Liver Chick: “And that is why you can never divorce me.”

Boy Toy: “No. I’ll just leave the country and then serve you divorce papers.”

Liver Chick: “You do remember, they allow knitting needles on planes again.”

Boy Toy: “Crap!”

Liver Chick: “I love you too, honey. Now try on this sock.”

Socks Fit For A Duchess

Surprisingly, I managed to stay up and watch the whole royal wedding. It was an awesome sight. I’m a huge fan of the Queen, so while everyone else was wondering what the bride was wearing, I got all giddy seeing the Queen in her elegant spring time yellow attire.

However, the day was not about the Queen, but instead it was about the future of the monarchy the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I, like so many women (and some well figured men), will now be on the hunt for that form-fitting gown worn, not by the bride, but by Pippa, the bridesmaid. As soon as I saw the dress I text my Boy Toy, “Pippa’s Dress, I Want It!”

Surprisingly, through the last night to early morning hours of watching the ceremony, the drugged feeling from my pain killers, and the pain of my sickle cell crisis, I managed to finish the royal sock that I promised you.

The sock is made with size 10 crochet cotton held doubled and knitted on two straight needles. (of course!) The jewelry used was 4mm pink beads and an antique button. Very danity and elegant. I was really hoping to make one dripping in diamonds and gold, but the bank laughed at me when I asked them for a loan for that very purpose.

So, now it is with great pleasure that I present to you my tribute to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, the Royal Wedding Sock:

Sock Inspirartion Sunday- Easter Edition

Happy Easter Everyone! To celebrate the day, I offer for your pleasure these cute socks suitable for wearing all Spring or whenever you need a little bunny pep to your step! Go ahead and knit these egg-cellent socks for that little chick in your life. Okay, I’m done with the Easter puns now. Don’t bite my ears off! *giggles like a little school girl*

Click on the picture for the pattern

DROPS "Karisma" Easter Design Girl's Socks

I Can Hear The Bells

Well, its taken a long time for me, but I finally caught the bug. I’ve got royal wedding fever! It’s surprising that I hadn’t gotten into it earlier with almost every magazine talking about it. (of course, going to see Walt Disney Princesses On Ice may have had something to do with the sudden fever.) I’ve always been more of a Queen Elizabeth fan. Will and Kate have just taken a long time to grow on me.

Prince William and fiance Kate Middleton

Will I be watching the wedding on tv along with millions of other people around the world? Most likely not. It’s not that I don’t want to, but the moment I plan to watch some big event on television, something major happens in my life. Don’t believe me. Here, I’ll prove it. I really had planned on watching the 2008 summer Olympics.  I was even looking forward to hosting a few Olympic-themed parties during the event. I woke up from my coma the day after the opening ceremonies! And all the award shows that have happened so far this year? Either I was in the hospital or at the airport. Go figure. So, I’m not pressing my luck on being able to see any part of the wedding on tv the day of the event. Instead, I’ll catch the highlights on YouTube.

But in  honor of the upcoming wedding, I do plan to make a pair of socks in celebration of this royal event. They will be elegant, soft, feminine and fit for a princess. I hope to have the pattern posted before wedding day.

April Is National Donate Life Month


As the title says, April is NAtional Donate Life Month.

This month is dedicated to honoring those who have chosen to be organ donors and the lives they have saved.

Donate Life is an organization that helps to dispel myths surrounding organ transplants and educate the public about the importance of becoming an organ donor. You can find out more about them at

I want to share a little story with you-

Cory was a loving brother, devoted father and proud grandfather. Cory loved to go fishing and was always the joker. On August 8, 2008, Cory , at the age of 44, died of a brain aneurysm.

A few states away lay a young woman in the hospital. She was 30 years old, a wife and mother. She was also dying. An acute liver failure had put her in a week-long coma, unaware that her life was slowly slipping away. The doctors had only hours left to find a suitable liver that could save her life. Two previously offered livers were not a good match. With only a handful of hours left before the high toxin levels in her body would render her brain dead, a liver was found. The transplant was a success!

That liver donor was Cory and the young woman’s life he saved was mine.

To honor my organ donor, Cory, I have made a pair of socks for him.

For the entire month of April all profits made from the sale of the sock pattern will go to Donate Life. If it was not for Cory’s decision to be an organ donor, I would not be here today. Everyday, I am thankful for the selfless act of Cory and all those who have chosen to be organ donors. Thank you!

Cory's Socks

If you would like to purchase the pattern you can click on the link here:

Sockupied Is Back With Avengence

Interweave Press has returned with another installment of Sockupied, and this time these socks mean business!

Where, with the first issue of Sockupied, I wasn’t so impressed with the offerings versus the price, in this new installment, Interweave Press has made me eat my words. They really listened to the response from knitters, especially sock knitters, and added lots more features and goods. Filled with even more videos, patterns and techniques, Sockupied Spring 2011 is well on its way to being one of the most sought after knitting downloads this spring.

You can learn more about the newest Sockupied here:

Sockupied Spring 2011 From Interweave Press


Contents Inside the New Sockupied Spring 2011