Beading It Up This Winter

I’m still getting my feet wet with more advanced knitting techniques. The other day I actually did a cable stitch for the first time. It was scary and I messed up, (a lot), but it was nice to finally face doing something that I have been putting off learning for years. (And, in case you were wondering, no, I will not show you my work. I frogged it with a passion after I finally got a few cables done right. )

I recently picked up the Winter 2011 issue of Interweave Knits and there is a hat in there that has me really thinking of trying another knitting technique. On page 71 is the Holiday Lights Tam designed by Catherine Shield. It is, ‘a simple slipped-stitch pattern with a twist (that) drapes glass seed beads across like strings of twinkling lights.’

Holiday Lights Tam by Catherine Shields

So, this tam would require me learning to knit with beads, which, while a beautiful and rewarding technique, it has been something I have purposely avoided. Don’t get me wrong, I like beading. I use to design jewelry before I ever knitted my first stitch. But the thought of having to string all those beads falls under the same category as organizing paper clips by size and color.  I can do it, but there better be alcohol involved.

Close up of Holiday Lights Tam

Yet, this tam is really calling my name. Of course the lazy knitter in me would just as well knit this puppy without the beads, but honestly, it just wouldn’t be the same. I may just have to suck it up and learn how to knit with beads.


Holiday Lights Tam


Anyone else out there knitted with beads before? How was your experience? Is it really worth it? Would you ever do it again?

Jamie Wearing Knits

Its rare that I find a picture of Jamie Cullum wearing something that looks like it could be hand knitted. So when I do find one, I feel compelled to share it.

Jamie Cullum Wearing a Knitted Hat

(All photo rights goes to the original owner of this pic.
Sorry, couldn’t find a link to the person who actually took this pic.)
If anyone knows of a knitting pattern like this, please share. I’m thinking of making one for my Boy Toy.

Toorie Uncharted


I finally finished the Toorie hat that’s been taking up my size #7 needles for far too long. It was a slow process making the hat as I worked purely from the pictures posted from other people who had made the hat. Yes, you heard right. I don NOT use a pattern to make this hat. I studied the pictures and figured it out myself. No, I wasn’t being cheap, trying to avoid paying the designer for her pattern. I wanted to test myself to see how well I could do in copying a design.

Looking at the final product, I must admit that I did pretty well. There are some differences between mine and the actual design- especially in the side decreases. This project turned out to be an interesting challenge to test my skills as a knitter and to help me better understand garment construction in knitting designs.

Have you ever looked at a knitted item and made one like it without ever looking at a pattern? Please do share!

Pinky Goodness


Well, since you wanted to know what yarn I was winding, here it is. Such a yummy color and very soft. I plan to use it to knit the Toorie hat by Carina Spencer :