Sockupied- Is it worth it?

Since its release by Interweave late last year, the talk among many sock knitters is the eMag known as Sockupied. I’m on Interweave’s mailing list and remember the email announcement of this new eMag.¬†Introduced as, ” the groundbreaking new way to knit socks”, Sockupied was launched as a new format that would change the way we knit socks. Well, I think that was a little over exaggerated. Basically Sockupied is a semi-interative knitting eMag. It has some great videos, helpful hints and tips and a few downloadable sock patterns. But the argument among knitters is not what Sockupied contains, but whether or not its contents are worth the $14.97 price tag.

Well, the true value of this eMag depends on how you feel about its contents. If you’re a stalker of Cookie A, then yes, her interview and sock pattern is well worth the price. If you must have in your possession every sock pattern that Ann Budd has ever made, then you have no choice but to buy this eMag. If you are always looking for the next great knitting hint and tip then this eMag is a must for you. If you are a snob nosed sock knitter who is always trying to one-up her knitting friends then you should already have Sockupied.

But, what is my personal opinion? I really don’t like magazines that I can’t physically hold, flip through and make notes in. But that didn’t stop me from seriously considering purchasing this eMag. However, it is hard for me to justify buying a sock knitting eMag for $14. 97 that only has about three downloadable sock patterns when I can purchase Ann Budd’s “Getting Started Sock Knitting”, for $12.24, “The Sock Knitter’s Workshop”, by Ewa Jostes and Stephanie van der Linden for $12.90,¬†or “Sock Innovations”, for $15.61, on

To me, there are just so many free forums, chat groups, online patterns and videos dedicated to sock knitting now that if Interweave wants to make an impact on the sock knitting community they are really going to have to pack more punch in their eMag to justify the cost in this economy.

To learn more about Sockupied or to place an order:

Straw Stitch Holder


Who says you need expensive or fancy knitting equipment? You have some of the best knitting tools already laying around your house.

In the picture you will see that I used a cheap old bendable straw as a stitch holder. The project is a sock that I’m knitting for a friend.

My Secret Love Affair


I have a confession to make. I am in love with another. All this year I have been having an affair behind my husband’s back. I have managed to keep it a secret until now. I feel that in order to be forgiven for my sins I must confess my wrong doings. So, here it is, the truth- I’m I love with hand knitted socks!

I can tell you exactly when this affair started. It was at the second meeting of the knitting group I attended. At the meeting I was introduced to Cookie, as in Cookie A., the sock goddess! (Yes, the knitting angels allowed me to knit in the presence of sock knitting royalty.) At the time I didn’t know who she was but from her conversation at the table I figured out she made money designing socks for us knitters. The idea of making money by knitting is still a strange concept for even a crafty chick like me. So I did what most curious girls with access to a computer would do- I Googled knittined socks. Oh, the eye candy that appeared on my screen was enough to make my knitting needles a bit horney.

Well after about an hour or so of sock knitting porn, I found a pattern for knitted socks on two straight needles and I’ve had an affair with them ever since. I recently joined a sock swap on Ravelry where I got my first pair of knitted socks all the way from Australia. I tell you, slipping those socks on my feet was something close to erotic. I loved the pattern, the feel of the yarn, the way they enveloped my feet in pure warmth. Honey, I’m telling you its enough to make you want to throw away every cheap sock you ever bought from Walmart.

So, there is my confession. I’ve been honest enough to air out my dirty laundry with you. Now it’s your turn. What knitting love affair are you in or have had in the past?