They’re Coming. . .

Yes, they’re coming. And they’re not leaving until you give them all your candy. . . or else!

Ghost by Jean Greenhowe

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is almost that time of year again.

The stores have been reminding you for weeks already and as much as you want to ignore it,

soon Halloween will be upon us.

Monster Finger Chapstick Cozy by Karrie Weaver

Why not add a bit more to your Halloween decor this year besides plastic spiders and paper skulls?

Come on! You’ve knitted socks, crocheted blankets, made hats, sweaters and various other needlework goodies this year.

So don’t tell me you’re scared of knitting a few little ghost and goblins.

BOO bag by Bernat Design Team

Pick up that hook and/or those knitting needles and create a few witching friends to help you scare the ‘boo’ out of some unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Happy Pumpkin by Lion Brand


Let me know what ghoulish guest will be flying off your needles this Hallows Eve.