Music To My Ears

I’ve been addicted to YouTube these pass few days. Since time and money never seem to work out for me to see anyone in concert, I’ve been watching recorded performances online. Jamie Cullum has been the artist whose music I have been listening to the most. (Is that really any surprise?) Now, I figured I’d give you a sampling of Jamie’s work so maybe you’d have a better understanding of why I love his music. (And maybe make a new Jamie Cullum fan out of a few of you.)

These are clips from some of Jamie Cullum’s live performances. The first clip is of Jamie performing a blended mix of Singing In The Rain and Umbrella. (Yes, Jamie performed this long before the cast of Glee ever did.) The second clip is a mix of Sexy Back and Don’t Cha. The last clip is of him singing Nature Boy, which I must say is one of my favorite songs and Jamie’s rendition is wonderfully soothing. Enjoy!

Boy Toy in Knits


Was at the bookstore the other day. I was browsing through my usual hangout- the magazine section- when a picture of a cute guy caught my eye. I picked up the magazine. The picture happened to be Darren Criss from the popular show Glee.

Darren’s face happens to be on the cover of this month’s Out magazine. As is a habit with me, I always flip through a magazine backwards, and I was so glad I did. Near the back was this picture of Mr. Criss wearing nothing but knits!

After seeing this picture I dare any woman to say that men don’t look sexy in knits!