Free Knitted Cowl Pattern

Yup, you read it right. I’ve returned with a new pattern and its Free! I designed this cowl called “Give It To Me Straight”,  for Galler Yarns. A quick knit that is unisex in design. Made using Pima cotton, it is lightweight enough to be knitted during the summer and be ready to wear once the weather cools off. You can find the pattern by clicking here, clicking the on the picture below or going to my pattern page.

Give It To Me Straight Cowl

Knitting Adventures of Tin Tin

I absolutely love The Adventures of Tin Tin. I was lucky enough to grow up reading the comic books and watching the cartoon. It was Tin Tin that made everything in Europe seem so much cooler then my little neighborhood in Chicago.

(Don’t know who is Tin TIn? Read up on the life and times of this beloved character here: )

Tin Tin has a signature look which consists of red hair that sticks up in the front, brown pants, and trench coat and a blue sweater over a white collared shirt. And of course, let us not forget his faithful companion who is always by his side- Snowy, his dog.

When this widely popular iconic hero was made into a full length movie, I did not hesitate to go see it. While watching the movie, I realized just how much his sweater stands out. It is sort of a darker baby blue in color. Crew neck with set-in sleeves. How very simple, yet timeless at the same time.

When I got home from the show, I Googled Tin Tin’s sweater and of course found Tin Tin memorabilia for sale. There are sweaters made after the famous character that can be purchased for a few bucks, but what’s the fun in that?

I decided that for those true diehard Tin Tin geeks like myself, there would be no better homage to our beloved character then to knit our own Tin Tin sweater.

This sweater pattern by DROPS,  is close in shape and structure to the sweater worn by Tin Tin.

This Cascade Eco+ yarn in Delft, is a great color choice.

I hope that the movie will inspire some serious Tin Tin knitting and crochet designs. Maybe even a fan page on Ravelry?

I’m Back with a Pattern

Yes, I’m back. Missed me? Sorry about that. But unfortunately sudden disappearances tend to happen when you have Sickle Cell disease. I’m feeling all better now and ready to jump back into the swing of things.

While I may have been down, I surely was not out. I brought back a little treat with me made just for you- a free pattern made by me!

Yup, that’s right, I published another pattern. What kind of pattern? Well, a sock pattern, of course. But this one is for the men. The pattern is published through the yarn company, Galler Yarns.

Brick by Brick Socks by Liver Chick

As a bonus, I also did an interview with the company that was published on their blog here.

So, take some time to check out the interview and pattern, then tell me what you think.

I’m so glad to be back!

Welted Leg Warmers and Scarf Pattern

I am so excited to announce that my designs for Premier Yarns are now live on their website!

It has been so hard not being able to talk about the process of knitting these garments and the wonderful yarn I got to play with. But no more. Now I can tell you that Premier Yarns’ Angel yarn is the softest acrylic yarn I have ever worked with. The yarn made it such a pleasure to knit this set.

The scarf and leg warmers themselves are simple knits perfect for beginner knitters. Yet, the dramatic effect of the pieces can easily spark the interest of more advanced knitters as well. A perfect set to knit before the snow starts falling hard.

Welted Leg Warmers & Scarf

You can find the pattern and download it for free here:

Crocheted Single Slipper Pattern

My mother found herself this year fighting a nasty foot infection that has left her with a foot and ankle wrapped like a mummy in gauze. This has been fine for the summer, but now the weather is getting colder and that gauze wrapping can’t keep the chill out. She can’t wear shoes or regular slippers due to the bulkiness of the wrappings. And even if she could find a single slipper in the store that fit, she would have to buy it in a pair since no one sold single slippers. So, I decided to crochet a slipper that would crochet a single slipper for her that was roomy enough for wrappings and that would keep the chill off her foot.

She has traveled around town with that slipper on and people have commented on it. A number of people with foot/ leg cast have asked where she got the slipper. Even her foot doctor said the slipper was a great idea. My mother has enjoyed the attention she’s been getting and the ability to go out without worrying about her foot getting cold. In fact she has enjoyed it so much that she has put in a request for several more, including a green and red one for the holidays.

The cool days of Fall and soon the much colder days of Winter will be upon us. If you know someone in a cast, a wrapping or who has any kind of foot problem, why not crochet a few of these slippers for them. You could even knit a pair for yourself.

Note- this is a very simple slipper pattern that can easily be adjusted and embellished to suit your needs.

Crocheted Single Slipper


Crocheted Single Slipper

Size:  11” / 28 cm long and 11” / 28 cm wide.  (Note: when making this for someone in a cast, add 1 to 1 ½” to their normal foot length.)

Yarn: Bernat Satin Worsted weight 100% Acrylic, 100 g / 3.5 oz, 163 yds / 149 m, in color Camel

Hook: J / 10 – 6.00 mm

Pattern Note: Two strands of yarn are held together throughout the pattern.

Chain 37 or whatever length is desired plus 3.

Row 1: Skip 3 chains and double crochet in the 4th chain and each chain across to the end.  Turn.

Row 2: Chain 3, (this will count as your first stitch), double crochet in the top of the double crochet space. Do this all the way across. Make sure to do a double crochet at the top of the skip 3 chain. Turn, chain 3. (A total of 34 stitches including the chain 3.)

Row 3: Double crochet in the next double crochet space and across all stitches. Do a final double crochet in top of the chain 3 stitch from the previous row. Chain 3.

Repeat row 3 until the slipper measures 11″ or until the width is equal to the length. You now have what is essentially a large square.

Cut yarn leaving long tail for stitching.

Fold the square in half and using only one strand of yarn, stitch the back of the slipper and the top of the slipper, leaving a large enough hole at the top to get a foot through. Next, weave in and out of the edge of the toe. Pull both ends of the thread to gather the toe and close the hole. Tie the ends into a tight knot. Weave in all ends.

Optional- you may choose to braid a long cord that can be woven around the foot opening. This would allow the person to be able to tighten the slipper around the ankle area for a snug fit.

A Shawl For Ann

This past Thursday, besides it being St. Patrick’s Day, the day also marked the 85th birthday of my husband’s grandmother, Ann. As a lover of Ireland and all things green, I felt it would be very appropriate to knit her something that reflected the rich green fields of Ireland.

I found this shawl pattern on Ravelry, (of course!). It was an easy and unbelievably quick knit. I stated and finished the shawl in one day!

The pattern is called Easy-Knit Shawl and was created by Kathy North. The pattern can be found here: 

To learn more about Kathy, you can check out her Ravelry profile here:

Grandma Ann was very impressed to get a handmade shawl and plans to wear it on her trip you Whales this summer.

Sock Knitting Sunday

Magic Mirror Socks

These socks are made by Jeannie of the blog Sewing, Knitting and Beyond.

The pattern is avalible here:

I hope this pattern inspires you to pick up your needles and knit more socks!