OUT In Knits

I love reading Out Magazine. It’s one of my favorite guilty pleaseures. What can I say, I’m a fruit fly and have to support my friends! Issue after issue there are four things that Out Magazine has always delivered for me- Cute. Boys. Wearing. Knits. And this month’s issue was no exception. Here I give you a couple of sweet eye candy pics from the pages of Out. Boys, you may now start drooling. (And girls, you’re allowed to drool too.)

Here again are those stripes that are all in fashion this upcoming Fall/Winter season:

Out Magazine Come As You Are Fashion Article

Sometimes, I really wish I was gay man. The guy in this pic is just all kinds of Yummy!:

Out Magazine Come As Your Are Fashion Article (Oh, please tell me I can have him for dinner!)

What Hainse Saw Today

I love it when I stumble upon a cool blog that inspires me. Art and fashion blogs seem to do that I lot. So it is no surprise that I am currently in love with the blog What I Saw Today, by famous fashion illustrator Richard Haines.

Sketch by Richard Haines

Has illustrations are a wonderful look into the life of an artist as well as how he sees fashion. Each sketch tells a story of where he has been and what person, color or event inspired him to open his sketch pad and draw that day.

Sketch by Richard Haines

I warn you now, once you click on one of the pictures or the link above, expect to be sucked into hs world as each sketch leaves you wanting yo explore even more of his work.

Sketch by Richard Haines