One of a Kind Show and Etsy

It’s that time of year again. Time to apply to participate in the Etsy Pavillion at the One of a Kind Show and Sale in Chicago.

So what is the OOAK Show? Well, taken directly from their website:

The 12th annual One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago® is Chicago’s holiday shopping show! A refreshing alternative to traditional retail, the show is the ideal place to find one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your holiday list. More than 600 talented artists from across North America will bring their imaginative, handmade creations to this year’s show offering a wide range of media and categories including fashion, fiber arts, jewelry, mixed media, kids, paper. . . and the list goes on!

Made by Kuketa

Basically, if you are into shopping for handmade items that are one of a kind or limited editions and enjoy buying them directly from the actually person who made the item, then this is ‘THE’ event to attend. This year the OOAK Show will run from December 6-9, 2012. The perfect time to do all your Christmas shopping for those on your list who are usually hard to shop for.

A few years ago, Etsy teamed up with the OOAK Show to offer the opportunity for emerging designers to present their work at the show for half the usual booth cost. Those select few who are accepted into the show will have the pleasure of presenting their crafts to over 60,000 shoppers. I’m filling out my application now in hopes that I get to be one of the lucky few selected to go.

Made by Anna M. White

I use to work for one lady who has been selling at the OOAK Show for years. She is a jewelry designer and says that the sales from the show help to carry her through the slower months after the holiday rush. Well, that’s a good enough reason for me to apply.

If you are an Etsy seller and interested in the OOAK Show, please click here to learn about the requirements and to download an application.

For more information about the OOAK Show and to see pictures and video’s from last year’s show click here.

Personal Totem

So, I was browsing the always beautiful crafts on Etsy when I stumbled upon the store for Totem Color Blocks run by Pamela Foeckler. Pamela creates miniature totems from reclaimed wood. She hands paints each piece in unique color blocks based mostly on images of dramatic landscapes which she distills down to its most elemental colors.

Totem necklace from Totem Color Block


Etsy was so kind as to feature an article about her and her work which you can read here.

Navajo Necklace Color Block


My favorite in her collection is the Navajo Necklace Color Block. The necklace reminds me of Native American beadwork that I’ve seen.

Totem Color Block


Totem Color Blocks welcomes custom orders. Why not have her create a personal totem for you?


Can’t Get Enough of That Fluffy Stuff

My stash of spinning fibers that I accumulated during my short stint at CalArts is finally dwelling down. I found myself in need of some serious restocking. With the last few grams of fibers waiting to be spun I felt it was time I ordered some new fibers to play with.

I leisurely search on Etsy lead me to discover Swoon Fibers. This store offers a wonderful collection of hand spun yarns as well as delicious fibers ready for spinning.

I choose a  1 ounce batt called Embers which consisted of a mixture of Corriedale, Merino, Romney in Flame Metallic ,Pinks, Reds and Browns.

Arriving in the fluffiest package I’ve ever received, my fingers couldn’t wait to start spinning this lovely fiber. Below are some pictures of the wonderful fluffy stuff.


Spinning fibers from Swoon Fibers


Spinning Fibers from Swoon Fibers

Will Knit For Carrots

Rhonda Rabbit Knitting Bunny

Well, Easter is just around the corner. And what better way to celebrate the holiday of chocolate bunny ears then with some pics of knitting rabbits.
I saw this cute rabbit while surfing on Etsy and just had to share it with you.
This delightful bunny is the work of Susan Faye. This art print is for sale and is avalible here.

Liver Chick Knits Is Open For Business

Finally, after months of talking myself in and out of it, I got my store up and running on Etsy.

It is a place for me to sell my every growing collection of stitch markers that I keep making. (Well, it was either this or tell everyone they would be getting a set of stitch markers for Christmas.)

If the mood hits me, I may also add a few knitted items to the store around the winter holidays.

The store is still a work in progress and I will continue to add more of my stitch markers each week.

When you get a moment, head on over and take a lot. I hope you enjoy it:

To Stitches West and Beyond!


It is strange to think that I live so close to one of the biggest knitting events in the US, yet as of a year ago, I knew nothing about it.

I started attending Bobaknits in March only to learn that I had just missed the Stitches West event that happened in my own backyard.  The ladies were still talking about the classes they took, the yarn they bought and showing off new knitting bags and needles.

As for me, I sulked in my seat, knitting away with needles I bought at the Goodwill and some no name yarn that I still can’t remember where I got it from. Not that I was complaining, but I’ve never been to any really cool crafting event. The first time I ever walked into a convention hall was to attend a bridal show while I was planning my wedding.

Over the years I’ve watched my friends return from scrapbooking expos, beading shows and religious conferences with bags full of goodies , great stories and an expanded circle of friends. All I’ve ever returned with was an empty carton of ice cream and two pounds added to my hips from my own pity party.

Well, no more. This year I plan to attend  Stitches West! If God be willing and the creek don’t rise, I want to be there to shop for yarn, knit with someone other than my bedroom mirror and learn something new.

I also hope to attend the Sock Summit. This may be a bit harder to swing as the price of attending this event is going to be much higher than Stitches West, but I will not let cost hinder my efforts. I’m stitching away right now making products for my store on Etsy that I hope will pay for my trip there.

I figured if I can’t raise enough money to attend Sock Summit, I’ll hitchhike my way there, camp out in the parking lot of the convention center and feed myself by digging in the garbage bins behind Voodoo Donuts.

Let me know if any of you will be at Stitches West of Sock Summit.