The Slow Boat From China

I have been waiting for almost a month now. It seems strange that in a time where I can download a book in two minutes and have a burger, fries and drink in under five minutes, that I have to wait a month for a new set of knitting needles.

Last month I bid on, (and won!) a set of knitting needles on Ebay. I was just as surprised as the other bidders when I won. I have a pretty consistent track record when bidding on Ebay.  About 99.9% of my bids never win.

After winning the bid I then realized that these knitting needles were being shipped from China and the scheduled delivery date would be a month away! I won them. I paid for them. So I would have to wait for them.

The needles were delivered to the house this past Friday, but I wasn’t home at the time. So instead of being greeted by my highly anticipated package, I was greeted with a “Sorry we missed you…” slip from the postman. The package had been sent registered mail which meant I needed to sign for it.

I rescheduled for delivery today and now, like a school girl waiting for the cute boy in class to call her, I’m waiting for that little white postal truck to pull up in front of the house.

So, why more knitting needles? Do you really need to ask? Knitting needles are like jello- there’s always room for more! Truth be told I have never met a knitter who ever said they have ‘enough’ knitting needles. I really don’t think there is such a thing. It’s like having too much yarn or too much chocolate- it just doesn’t happen.

Waiting this long does have its upside. It has given me the time to think about projects I want to use my new needles on. My poor Boy Toy has had to endure another trip to the craft store as I just had to buy more yarn for all these upcoming projects.

FYI- If you need me for anything today, I’ll be at home stalking my own front door and hopefully soon casting on another pair of socks on my new needles.