I Submitted to Knitty

Well, I finally did it! At 2:00 am this morning, I submitted a design to Knitty for consideration in their Winter 2011 issue. It took a lot of guts- and a good pattern- for me to actually submit a design.

I checked over the application process about twenty times and reviewed my work over and over again. The hardest part was to actually will myself to press the ‘send’ button. Prayers were made, good vibes sent out to the universe, faux rabbit foot rubbed and anything else I could think of was done before I could bring myself to sending off my design. (I also considered dancing around a fire and offering up a sacrifice to the gods, but my father-in-law would have been very upset if I started the grill at two in the morning and burnt one of his good steaks).

Why such the big fuss over this submission? Well, its Knitty! I mean, so many designers got their start on Knitty. They have helped to launch numerous careers with almost overnight success for some people.

After my twitchy finger over ruled my fear and the ‘send’ button was pressed, it was both a relief as well as a new fear- Rejection. Yes, there is that chance that my design, like many others, will be rejected by Knitty. So, I came up with a plan B for myself in case that happens. I will of course, use my reject as a great excuse to have a drink and then since I have pictures and a pattern all ready to go, I’ll just convert everything to PDF and post the pattern for sale on Ravelry.

I must say, it was very calming to receive that sweet autoreply message from Amy, (head honcho of Knitty), after submitting my design.

Don’t know Knitty? You can check outthe online magazine here: http://www.knitty.com


Just Call Me Last Minute Linda

I just pressed the ‘send’ button for my design submission for Sanguine Gryphon. The deadline is May 10th and here I am on May 9th scrabbling to get my submission done.

I really have not excuse for the last-minute entry. I gave myself plenty of time to work on the swatch and draw out my sketch. However, I still found myself racing to get things done. I didn’t even have time to contemplate the consequences of pressing the ‘send’ button. I just pressed it and then freaked out.

This is my third of what will hopefully be at least eight submissions this year. My other submissions are not due until later this month, so I have some time to breath and refocus.

So, question to all you knitwear designers out there- How do you keep yourself organized so that you can meet the submission deadlines for various knitting/crochet publications? I would love to share some of your ideas and tips with other aspiring knitwear designers like myself.