Dusting Off The Old Blog

Holy smokes! It’s amazing how must dust can build up when you’ve been away from your own blog for a few years. It has been a crazy few years with many reincarnations of blogs and my crafty obsessions.

But now I have returned with the idea of bring this little blog back into the light. I miss talk about knitting/ crochet and hot guys. I even miss talking about hot guys wearing knitting/crochet.

I will be making a few changes to the blog. Most likely updating the format and definitely changing the name. As much as I loved being called Liver Chick, I think now that I’m easing up on 40, it might be time for a more mature title for myself. (only the title of the blog will be more mature, not the actual blogger).

so, there you have it. I return to the old blog for a new crop of fiber addicts. I hope you enjoy the comeback.

3KCBWDAY7- Craft Whore

Craft whore. Fiber slut. Yarn ho. I am not faithful to any craft. Just when knitting thinks it has me in a monogamous relationship, I have an affair with crochet. And when they are both not looking I make a booty call to loom knitting. Occasional I’ll even have a weekend fling with my hand spindle.

I can’t help it. Crafting with yarn turns me on. If someone ever creates a support group for yarn crafting nymphomaniac, I’ll be the first to sign up and join.

Now, I didn’t start this way. I started out being a fully committed woman to my crochet. For several months I was the ‘good wife’ in my relationship with crochet. We were always there for each other and crochet gave me such joy. But then one day walking through the craft store I was seduced by a couple of long shiny rods. I wasn’t looking to cheat on my crochet, I just liked the attention I was getting from those needles. Well, one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was see knitting behind crochet’s back. At first it was just occasional visits, but soon it grew to be more. At one point crochet started to suspect, but I always came up with good excuses as to why I’d been neglecting my granny squares.

But one day I crochet came home early and walked in on me and knitting in bed. I begged for forgiveness and swore I would end the whole affair. And I did. . . .for a while. The need was too great. I just couldn’t stay away. So now I lead a double life, neither one knowing about the other.

At one point the stress of leading this double like got the best of me and I needed a vacation. So I figured a weekend in Hawaii for myself was a good way to clear my head and get my life straight. Instead I met loom knitting. Maybe it was the sun and sand or fifth Mai Tia I had, but I just remember waking up the next morning with loom knitting by my side. It was a magical weekend that I never wanted to end. When it was time for me to go home we just couldn’t break it off. We promised each other that we would meet every chance we got.

As you can see, once I started down that slippery path there was just no turning back. I’m addicted. And I can’t help myself. You can judge me. Call me names it you want.  But this is who I am. Will I be able to do this forever? No. But I’ll continue to do it as long as I can. My desires far outweight my shame.

3KCBWDAY6- Mad Knitting Skills That Scare the Pee Out of Me

You’ve seen them. If not, stay around the craft long enough and you will. Some of you will be completely fascinated by it. You’ll want to know how to do it so badly that you’ll stop at nothing to learn. The rest of us, however, look at it and want to go running for the hills. I’ll be honest, there are some mad knitting and crochet skills out there that just downright scare the pee out of me.

Popcorn Rose Doily Designed by Ferosa Harold

  Irish crochet is the crochet that sends all my crochet work running home with their tails tucked between their legs. It’s painfully beautiful. However, I stay away from it. Why? because I strongly believe that size 12 and size 00 steel crochet hooks are the work of the devil. Nothing should ever be crocheted that small.

Entrelac Vest by Kathryn Alexander

Entrelac has produced some of the funkiest knits I have ever seen. Every time I look at entrelac work I always want to ask, “Who was it that gave the bio-engineering professor a joint and then tried to teach them how to knit?” There just had to be some level of drug use involved when creating entrelac.

Vanessa Beaded Bag by Barbara Pratt

This should be illegal somewhere. No one should over indulge in crafting like this. Beaded knitted purses may be gorgeous to look at. But when I look at it, I don’t see the beauty and intricate craftmanship. Instead, I see someone who really needs to get out more often.  Just the hours it takes to string all those beads. Hours of your life that You. Will. Never. Get. Back.

Filmy Fern Shawl by Margaret Stove

Hey, the spiders called and said they want their webs back. Seriously, why on earth should lace be knitted so thin that it can pass through the hole of a wedding ring? If your lace is so thin that when someone sneezes it blows halfway down the block, well, that’s just too thin. I love lace as much as the next person, but when the air I breathe weighs more than my shawl I’m wearing, that’s where I draw the line.

Afghan Sweater by Kaffe Fassett

Kaffe Fassett is not a knitting or crochet skill, but he does scare the pee out of me. I’ve heard of people producing strange works while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But Kaffe thinks this stuff up when he’s sober. I’m scared. Hold me!

So, what mad knitting/crochet skills or designs have you come across that scare the pee out of you?

The TNNA is Coming! The TNNA is Coming!!

Yes, The National Needlearts Association, (TNNA), is coming to Phoenix, Arizona!

From January 21st to 23rd, my humble town will be taken over by a swarm of knitters, crocheters and other craft artist as they descend upon the Phoenix Convention Center.

Unfortunately, I am 3 wholesale member letters of introduction away from being able to qualify as a member of the association.  So, even though I’ll be passing by the event on my daily outings, I will not actually be able to attend. (After years of complaining that knitting events never come to my town, one is finally here and I can’t go. The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife.)

But I’ve got TNNA spirit and I feel the it is my duty as a local knitter to welcome all of you who will be attending the TNNA convention here in Phoenix.

Survey says that there are only two things that knitters and crocheters love more than crafting and that is eating and drinking. So, I’ll be dedicating the next few blog posts to highlighting some of the places to eat and drink while in town. I will give some great tips on getting around the valley and where to get good deals. I’ll also point the way to some great places to be inspired and learn about our great city.

(Maybe all this goodwill will get me invited to a knitting after-party? Hint, hint.)

If you plan on going and want some qustions answered by a local, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment.

Provisional Cast-On

Here is a question regarding doing a provisional cast on. :

The pattern states: With crochet hook and scrap yarn, chain 26. With 1 dpn, pick up and k 24 through the sts of the back of the chain. Do not join. Knit one row. Next row Purl. Carefully remove scrap yarn, placing open sts on 2nd dpn. Rnd 1 With free dpn, pm for beg of rd, and k 12 of the new sts; cont around, distributing sts evenly on 4 dpn-48 sts.

I am totally confused with this. I consider myself an intermediate knitter, but I have never come across this before. I don’t understand how they are ending up with 48 stitches. I think I am going off track when they are picking up stitches on the back of the chain.

Here is my answer:
Make sure that the scrap yarn you are using is a completely different color then the yarn you will be knitting with. So if you are knitting with black yarn, I suggest you use white yarn as your scrap yarn. Having a sharp color contrast between the two makes it easier to see what you are doing.

The scrap yarn acts as a holder for your ‘live’ stitches’, that you will create. After you’ve picked up and knit 24 stitches on the crochet chain, knit one row and then purl the next row. Leave those stitches on your double-pointed needle. 

Now, with another double-pointed needle,  you will then remove this scrap yarn, making sure to pick up each little ‘hump’ created by your knitting yarn. You are basically taking each stitch off the scrap yarn and placing them on your knitting needle. You picked up 24 stitches to start with, so with the other needle you will have the same 24 stitches taken from the opposite end, thus equaling 48 stitches.

Now take these 48 stitches and divide them equally among all four double-pointed needles. (12 stitches on each needle.)
Here is a video that shows exactly how to do this:

So Close, But So Far

"I wanna go to Vogue Knitting Live!"


Right now in Los Angeles, California, knitters in masses have descended upon the city for a weekend of uninhibited knitting and yarn frolicking.

On this day, the doors will open to welcome knitters and crocheters to an upscale experience of luxury yarns, best selling authors and classes taught by some of the knitting and crochet community elite.

Just eigth hours away from where I am are the glimmering lights, sounds and smells of what has quickly become one of the best knitting events of the year. Vogue Knitting Live! http://www.vogueknittinglive.com/

It pains me to know that I live just a state over yet I have no way of getting to experience Vogue Knitting for myself.

I have a design I created for Premier Yarns which I believe will bw a part of the runway show. Go figure, I can’t go, but my design will be there.

I put out a word on Twitter in the hopes that someone with fast typing fingers will tweet all the play by play action while at VK Live!

So, now I need to find a knitting project for this weekend to keep me from wallowing in my own self piety. Maybe I’ll knit a baby blanket to go with me whining like a baby all this weekend. *sigh*

Anna Sui at New York Fashion Week

Yes, I am a fashion junky. I always want to know who someone is wearing and even though I buy most of my clothes at the local thrift store, I still go for fashion labels. (I may be cheap, but I do have standards.)

For those of you who may not know, the world is wrapping up its final days of a fashion induced comas, (aka- New York Fashion Week).

The Mercedes-Benz Spring Fashion Week runs from September 8th – 15th is year and is being held at the Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park in New York.

Today, one of my favorite designers will be showing her collection- Anna Sui.

The wild child of the fashion world, Anna ignores the trends and fads and insteads, follows her own creative path. Her designs are colorful, playful, comfortable and always Anni Sui. I really adore her use of knitting and crochet in her designs.

You may have seen Anna Sui’s work recently if you happen to have the Fall 2011 issue of Vogue Knitting magazine. Do these pictures look familiar?

Crochet designs bu Anna Sui

Anna Sui Design

I am really looking forward to seeing what she brings to the fashion world for Spring 2012. Tell me, who are some of your favorite designers?
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All Hail Crochet!

So, the other day I’m at Valley Radiology for an MRI. I’m dressed in the latest medical fashion of open back gown, pants and mary janes.

I’m directed to a waiting room right outside the MRI room to wait my turn. I take out my knitting and proceed to relax into the wonderful medical tradition of ‘hurry up and wait’.

A few moments later an elderly woman is escorted into the waiting room wearing the same fashionable gown as me. She carries with her a grandmother purse. You know, the kind of oversized purse that -like Mary Poppin’s famous bag-  is capable of storing everything but the kitchen sink.

The elderly lady sat across from me and watched as I knitted.

“Oh, I could never get the hang of that. I always wanted to but no matter how I tried, I just could never make it work. I admire you for being able to knit.”

“Why, thank you.”, I said. A nice warm compliment was much appreciated, considering that I was knitting with my entire back side being blasted from the air conditioner.

She continued by saying, “Unfortunately, all  know how to do is crochet. Not very fancy stuff, but I manage to get by.”

The elderly lady then proceeded to dig in her bottomless purse. She emerged moments later with what I could only describe as a jaw-dropping wonderful example of crochet lace.

“So, what are you making?”,  I finally got around to asking after a few speechless moments in utter awe.

“Oh this thing? It’s just a tablecloth. I’ve made one for each of my kids and grandkids. Now my oldest grandchild just had a baby of her own so I’m making one for her to put into her daughter’s hope chest. It’s really nothing fancy. Just something to keep my hands busy. Its nothing like the knitting you’re doing.”

That was true, it was nothing like my knitting. I looked down at my simple sock. My knitting needles suddenly grew a tail and had it tucked  between its legs, wanting to crawl back into my knitting bag. Apparently they didn’t feel worthy of being in the same room with such beautiful work. And I had to agree.

“Mame, I don’t think that in my lifetime I could ever knit something as beautiful as what you are crocheting.”

“Well, thank you dear. That’s very sweet of you to say.”

I was then called back for my MRI. As I tucked away my things and followed the nurse to the room, I took a small glance back at the woman to say goodbye. I noticed her cheeks had become a little rosier then they were before.

There is this strange stigma that still lingers among some crafters that somehow crochet is less than or beneath knitting. Well, its NOT! Crochet is just as beautiful and valuable as any knitted garment. With both crafts holding an almost equally  long rich history, I see no reason to ever think that either craft is easier or better than the other. Some of us- myself included- enjoy doing both. And now we are even starting to see an increase in patterns that combine both crafts within the same garment.

For those of you who strictly crochet- never ever let any knitter look down their nose at what you do. Never feel you have to justify or compensate for the fact that you don’t knit. Be proud of your crochet. And if any knitter ever gives you static about crocheting just remember, a lace pineapple tablecloth done on a size 00 crochet hook trumps a knitted cardigan any day!

Crochet Pineapple Tablecloth