I’m Sweet On: Valentim Quaresma

Scanning through the Fall 2012 fashion looks, I came across some images that made me stop and desire. When I looked at who the designer was, I was not surprised to find that the pieces were made by artist/designer Valentim Quaresma.

Valentim Quaresma at Lisboa Fashion Week

From the head-gear that would be right at home in a postapocalyptic medieval kingdom, to the  fringed neckwear that was hard-edged but very wearable- every aspect of  Quaresma’s collection spoke of other-worldly cool.

Valentim Quaresma at Lisboa Fashion Week

Look What I Made

I’ve been working on some new knits that I figured I’ll start sharing with you. They will all be for sale on my Etsy store with some of them having patterns that will be for sale later on Ravelry and Crafty. So, here are a few that are for sale now:

Purple Heart Cowl

Desert Succulent in baby Blue


Desert Succulent in Red