My Cowl Is In Knitscene Accessories 2012!

Yup, you read that title correctly. I just had the honor of having one of my designs published in Knitscene magazine. Yes, it’s a secret that I’ve been keeping from all of you for some time now, but don’t you think it was worth the wait?

Knitscene Accessories Magazine

This week, I opened the mailbox to see a package from Interweave waiting for me. Inside was a complimentary copy of the Knitscene Accessories 2012 issue along with a tearsheet of the layout and pattern that I can use in my portfolio.

I love the layout and the model that they used. The whole image is fun and funky. Both yarns used in the cowl are from Knit Collage and they were yummy to work with. A simple pattern that even after two martinis you could still knit without any mistakes. 😉

Moon Rings Cowl

The whole process of working with such a well-known company was a great learning experience for me. Anyone who has ever considered submitting a design to any of the Interweave publications, I strongly encourage you to do so. I honestly didn’t think I had a snowball chance in hell of getting published. I just submitted my design to get in the practice of submitting to companies and look what happened!

Moon Rings Cowl by ME!

Thank you God and thank you to everyone at Knitscene for this wonderful opportunity!

Free Knitted Cowl Pattern

Yup, you read it right. I’ve returned with a new pattern and its Free! I designed this cowl called “Give It To Me Straight”,  for Galler Yarns. A quick knit that is unisex in design. Made using Pima cotton, it is lightweight enough to be knitted during the summer and be ready to wear once the weather cools off. You can find the pattern by clicking here, clicking the on the picture below or going to my pattern page.

Give It To Me Straight Cowl

Phoenix Rising

I’m loving my ever-growing collection of knitwear that has now grown into a large enough collection that it requires its own plastic bin. (My Boy Toy mentioned to me lately that I have so many bins under the bed that if the bed rails ever gave out we wouldn’t notice for months.) Despite the ever decreasing space under the bed, the work that I’m producing lately has been uplifting and continues to drive me forward.

I’m taking a cue from my brother-in-law to not be afraid to reinvent myself. He went from working in a lonely cubical in some really bad remake of “Office Space”, to being a chef at Disney. I’ve learned from him that it’s okay, in fact its downright healthy to be a Phoenix and be born again from the ashes of your previous life.

So, with that thought in mind I present to you my ode to the Phoenix in this cowl called the Phoenix Tail.

Phoenix Tail Cowl