Ysolda The Sweet

Ysolda Teague


I just got finished reading Ysolda Teague’s interview in the book, “Brave New Knits”, by Julie Turjoman. Ysolda is one of those knitters that makes you daydream about living the life of a knitwear designer.

Her blog is filled with beautiful pictures, her patterns are a dream to knit, (like the Orchid Thief Shawlette that she contributed to the book), and everything she does just seems this side of adorable.

I first learned about Ysolda through a tweet from Cookie A. I follow Cookie A on Twitter and when I saw her mention Ysolda’s name I became curious. (Any knitter with a cool sounding name has got to be knitting some awesome stuff, right?)

I went to Ysolda’s site at www.ysolda.com and discovered just how warm, funny and charming she really is. My next stop was on Ravelry, where I found her amazing patterns. With each pattern more lovely than the next, I can see why Ysolda has such a great fan following.

When you get a chance, stop by her blog, http://ysolda.com/wordpress/  and read a few entries. Soon, you will feel like calling Ysolda up and inviting her over for tea and beautiful knitting.

Brave New Knits Rocks!

I picked up another gem from the library this week. Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman. The patterns in this book make you want to go out and buy more yarn, but that is not why i love this book. I love it because of its interviews with many of the  knitwear designers/bloggers that we all know and love.

Interview after interview, I am amazed and inspired by the diverse and often times contradictory backgrounds of each designer that somehow knitting has worked its way into.

Each designer interview includes a pattern from the designer. This gives more depth and meaning to each pattern because after you finish reading about a designer’s approach to knitwear and their design philosophy, then you turn the page and see their ideas and concepts in full physical form waiting for you to make.

The overall message in this book is how the internet- and especially Ravelry- has help to make are knitting community a little more ‘close-knit’ and has been a great platform for new designers and their work.

A great book to read for anyone thinking about becoming a knitwear designer or if you just want to know how a person makes the leap from biochemisrty to sweater designer.