A Knitter Is Thankful

I am thankful for:

The many balls of yarn that own me.

The store containers that Costco sales for me to hide my stash.

Bamboo knitting needles

Shiny crochet hooks

Patterns that actually knit up into a garment that looks like the picture.

A husband who loves me enough to still wear the ugly sweater I knitted for him while we were dating.

Mink and cashmere blend yarn


Sock knitters

Every person picking up a pair of needles or crochet hook for the first time

My blog

Red Heart

Stitch markers

Yarn sales

Sanguine Gryphon for giving me my big break.


Men and women who knitted because they had to, so that now I can knit because I want to.

My wonderously creative hands

2×2 rib stitch

Babies that need knitted stuff

Family and friends that I deeply love and who are not ashamed to  loves this crazy knitter.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!