My Well Worn Friends


These are my size 8/ 5 mm Boye knitting needles. They are one of the first set of knitting needles I ever bought. We have been through so much together.

They have traveled with me through five house moves. They have been confiscated by police when I tried to take them into a court-house. They relaxed on the beaches in Florida and California and have watched the sun set on the beaches of Hawaii.

These needles have seen almost as many movies as I have. And they are the needles that are usually with me when I have to be admitted to the hospital.

They are dependable, forgiving of mistakes and can make even ugly patterns look good. I don’t know where my knitting would be without them. Thank you old friends. May our knitting journey never end.

What knitting / crochet tools that hold a special place in your life? What are your crafting partners in crime?