I Can Hear The Bells

Well, its taken a long time for me, but I finally caught the bug. I’ve got royal wedding fever! It’s surprising that I hadn’t gotten into it earlier with almost every magazine talking about it. (of course, going to see Walt Disney Princesses On Ice may have had something to do with the sudden fever.) I’ve always been more of a Queen Elizabeth fan. Will and Kate have just taken a long time to grow on me.

Prince William and fiance Kate Middleton

Will I be watching the wedding on tv along with millions of other people around the world? Most likely not. It’s not that I don’t want to, but the moment I plan to watch some big event on television, something major happens in my life. Don’t believe me. Here, I’ll prove it. I really had planned on watching the 2008 summer Olympics.  I was even looking forward to hosting a few Olympic-themed parties during the event. I woke up from my coma the day after the opening ceremonies! And all the award shows that have happened so far this year? Either I was in the hospital or at the airport. Go figure. So, I’m not pressing my luck on being able to see any part of the wedding on tv the day of the event. Instead, I’ll catch the highlights on YouTube.

But in  honor of the upcoming wedding, I do plan to make a pair of socks in celebration of this royal event. They will be elegant, soft, feminine and fit for a princess. I hope to have the pattern posted before wedding day.