Another Free Knitted Cowl Pattern

I’m back again with yet another free knitting pattern. This time it is a cowl called “Gun Smoke”. I wanted to make a cowl that sort of paid tribute to the wild west. The picture, which was taken by the good people of Galler Yarns, actually shows the cowl being worn upside down. The bow should be at the bottom, but looking at it this way, I’ve decided to let you e=be the judge on which way you want to wear it.

You can find the pattern here, by clicking on the picture below or by going to the pattern page of my blog.


Gun Smoke Cowl


Free Knitted Cowl Pattern

Yup, you read it right. I’ve returned with a new pattern and its Free! I designed this cowl called “Give It To Me Straight”,  for Galler Yarns. A quick knit that is unisex in design. Made using Pima cotton, it is lightweight enough to be knitted during the summer and be ready to wear once the weather cools off. You can find the pattern by clicking here, clicking the on the picture below or going to my pattern page.

Give It To Me Straight Cowl

Knitting Adventures of Tin Tin

I absolutely love The Adventures of Tin Tin. I was lucky enough to grow up reading the comic books and watching the cartoon. It was Tin Tin that made everything in Europe seem so much cooler then my little neighborhood in Chicago.

(Don’t know who is Tin TIn? Read up on the life and times of this beloved character here: )

Tin Tin has a signature look which consists of red hair that sticks up in the front, brown pants, and trench coat and a blue sweater over a white collared shirt. And of course, let us not forget his faithful companion who is always by his side- Snowy, his dog.

When this widely popular iconic hero was made into a full length movie, I did not hesitate to go see it. While watching the movie, I realized just how much his sweater stands out. It is sort of a darker baby blue in color. Crew neck with set-in sleeves. How very simple, yet timeless at the same time.

When I got home from the show, I Googled Tin Tin’s sweater and of course found Tin Tin memorabilia for sale. There are sweaters made after the famous character that can be purchased for a few bucks, but what’s the fun in that?

I decided that for those true diehard Tin Tin geeks like myself, there would be no better homage to our beloved character then to knit our own Tin Tin sweater.

This sweater pattern by DROPS,  is close in shape and structure to the sweater worn by Tin Tin.

This Cascade Eco+ yarn in Delft, is a great color choice.

I hope that the movie will inspire some serious Tin Tin knitting and crochet designs. Maybe even a fan page on Ravelry?

3KCBWDAY7- Craft Whore

Craft whore. Fiber slut. Yarn ho. I am not faithful to any craft. Just when knitting thinks it has me in a monogamous relationship, I have an affair with crochet. And when they are both not looking I make a booty call to loom knitting. Occasional I’ll even have a weekend fling with my hand spindle.

I can’t help it. Crafting with yarn turns me on. If someone ever creates a support group for yarn crafting nymphomaniac, I’ll be the first to sign up and join.

Now, I didn’t start this way. I started out being a fully committed woman to my crochet. For several months I was the ‘good wife’ in my relationship with crochet. We were always there for each other and crochet gave me such joy. But then one day walking through the craft store I was seduced by a couple of long shiny rods. I wasn’t looking to cheat on my crochet, I just liked the attention I was getting from those needles. Well, one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was see knitting behind crochet’s back. At first it was just occasional visits, but soon it grew to be more. At one point crochet started to suspect, but I always came up with good excuses as to why I’d been neglecting my granny squares.

But one day I crochet came home early and walked in on me and knitting in bed. I begged for forgiveness and swore I would end the whole affair. And I did. . . .for a while. The need was too great. I just couldn’t stay away. So now I lead a double life, neither one knowing about the other.

At one point the stress of leading this double like got the best of me and I needed a vacation. So I figured a weekend in Hawaii for myself was a good way to clear my head and get my life straight. Instead I met loom knitting. Maybe it was the sun and sand or fifth Mai Tia I had, but I just remember waking up the next morning with loom knitting by my side. It was a magical weekend that I never wanted to end. When it was time for me to go home we just couldn’t break it off. We promised each other that we would meet every chance we got.

As you can see, once I started down that slippery path there was just no turning back. I’m addicted. And I can’t help myself. You can judge me. Call me names it you want.  But this is who I am. Will I be able to do this forever? No. But I’ll continue to do it as long as I can. My desires far outweight my shame.

3KCBWDAY6- Mad Knitting Skills That Scare the Pee Out of Me

You’ve seen them. If not, stay around the craft long enough and you will. Some of you will be completely fascinated by it. You’ll want to know how to do it so badly that you’ll stop at nothing to learn. The rest of us, however, look at it and want to go running for the hills. I’ll be honest, there are some mad knitting and crochet skills out there that just downright scare the pee out of me.

Popcorn Rose Doily Designed by Ferosa Harold

  Irish crochet is the crochet that sends all my crochet work running home with their tails tucked between their legs. It’s painfully beautiful. However, I stay away from it. Why? because I strongly believe that size 12 and size 00 steel crochet hooks are the work of the devil. Nothing should ever be crocheted that small.

Entrelac Vest by Kathryn Alexander

Entrelac has produced some of the funkiest knits I have ever seen. Every time I look at entrelac work I always want to ask, “Who was it that gave the bio-engineering professor a joint and then tried to teach them how to knit?” There just had to be some level of drug use involved when creating entrelac.

Vanessa Beaded Bag by Barbara Pratt

This should be illegal somewhere. No one should over indulge in crafting like this. Beaded knitted purses may be gorgeous to look at. But when I look at it, I don’t see the beauty and intricate craftmanship. Instead, I see someone who really needs to get out more often.  Just the hours it takes to string all those beads. Hours of your life that You. Will. Never. Get. Back.

Filmy Fern Shawl by Margaret Stove

Hey, the spiders called and said they want their webs back. Seriously, why on earth should lace be knitted so thin that it can pass through the hole of a wedding ring? If your lace is so thin that when someone sneezes it blows halfway down the block, well, that’s just too thin. I love lace as much as the next person, but when the air I breathe weighs more than my shawl I’m wearing, that’s where I draw the line.

Afghan Sweater by Kaffe Fassett

Kaffe Fassett is not a knitting or crochet skill, but he does scare the pee out of me. I’ve heard of people producing strange works while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But Kaffe thinks this stuff up when he’s sober. I’m scared. Hold me!

So, what mad knitting/crochet skills or designs have you come across that scare the pee out of you?

3KCBWDAY5- I’m Too Sexy For My Knits

There are moments when you glance at a picture and the one thought that runs through your mind is, “Wow, you are just too sexy for that sweater. Take it off.”

With that in mind, allow me to bring you a collection of men that even though I give them much props for the knitwear, are really better off just taking it all off.

Ladies, enjoy!

Russell Crowe wants to know if a man pretends to be knitting, does that make him look sexier?

The answer is, yes, Russell. Yes it does.

Leave it to Tom Cruise to make the turtleneck sweater look oh so sexy.

Undergear magazine presents us with this hottie with just a little more

buff then the chest of his sweater can handle. Yum!

My husband in another lifetime, Daniel Radcliffe, sports the cool kid look in this colorful sweater.

But really, I think the sweater would look much better on my bedroom floor.

It must really be hard being Robert Pattinson. To be that sexy without ever trying.

His sweater is only half on and I still want to eat him up!

This hottie still ranks as my most popular blog posting to date.

It must be the knitted cable stitch cowl that he’s wearing. Right, ladies?

Why is Channing Tatum listed here? Well. . . he’s wearing knitted socks. Really, he is.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Kellan Lutz is just way too sexy for his knits so I decided it was better to just show him without any.

Besides, who the hell wants to cover up this?!

3KCBWDAY4- Keeping The Cactus Warm

I’m going to be frank with all of you. Its fucking hot here in Arizona. I mean, this is the place Satan goes to for vacation when he wants to get a nice tan. Now, I hear you people on the east coast going, “Hot? You don’t know what hot is. Come here in the summer and see what hot is.” Well, I’ll challenge you in saying that my place is hotter than yours. Where the east coast has the type of hot that leaves your clothes sticking to your skin and enough water dripping off of you that you can actually take a bath in your own sweat, here,  its different.

Want to know what it feels like to live in Arizona during the summer? Here’s how. Go to your oven and turn it to 475 degrees fahrenheit. Wait about 20 minutes. Now open the oven door, stick your head in and take in one deep breath. That, my friends, is how it feels to live in Arizona in the summer. Instead of  ‘sauna’ heat that the east coast experiences, we get what is fondly called a ‘dry heat’. This basically means that instead of stewing in our own juices we shrivel up like pieces of meat that slowly becomes jerky. In fact, you walk around here and see some of the old-timers and you’ll be convinced that their skin has been jerky-rized.

So, why on Earth would someone living in this rotisserie oven ever want to knit? Well, even in the middle of a desert a cactus can still get the chills. Though its home to the fifth largest growing city in the US, Arizona is still a desert and just like any true desert we get the cold frosty nights and the desert monsoons.

But besides the occasional cool weather, there is another reason we desert rats pick up needles and hooks. We enjoy any activity that doesn’t require us to leave our air-conditioned homes. As the temperatures go up, we start going inside. Like our neighbors on the east coast do in the winter, we bunker down for the long hot days ahead. To avoid getting cabin fever, we’ve taken a cue from the early settlers here and we get crafty. Spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet and quilting. If it can be done indoors, we Arizonians are experts at it.

While the tempureture is 115 degrees outside, we’re happy to say that all is cozy and cool as we knit our woolen mittens, wishing blissfully for a  freak snow storm to pass our way.


Being a knitter, one would expect me to have a list of famous knitters that I would consider my muses and mentors. But the truth is, I don’t. I do like Cookie A., (and that’s mainly because I was in the same knitting group with her when I lived in San Jose). I also like Anne Hanson of Knitspot, but I confess it is because she is in an interracial relationship just like me and spoils her hubby the same way I do. The fact that she happens to be a kick-ass knitter is just a bonus.

No, my true muse is not what most people would expect. . . .


Nothing moves me and inspires me the way music does. I am a slave to its power over me. A duet between Kenny Loggins and Amy Grant can result in a knitted purse. The voice of Garth Brooks can start me knitting a pair of leg warmers. And the sound of Josh Groban can move my fingers to crochet a lovely shawl.

I could never work  in a void of silence. I am a quite person by nature, who usually prefers the sound of my own heartbeat. But when it comes time to create, my work can only be done with its own soundtrack.

For those of you who may be curious, I’ll share with you some of the songs that move me the most to create. Those who have been following my blog for a while would not be surprised to know that Jamie Cullum is at the top of my list of artist whose music I love. Everything he touches turns to gold for me. I can’t listen to one of his songs without picking up my needles or hook. He just has that power over me. And I don’t mind saying that I like it.

Click on the picture to see one of my favorite Jamie Cullum performances.

Along with Jamie, here are a few songs that always work to get my creative juices flowing:

Alice’s Theme by Danny Elfman

Aria by Yanni

Bad Romance by Lady GaGa

Bring The Rain by Mercy Me

Comfortable by John Mayer

Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble

Fireworks by Katy Perry

Right Round by Flo Rida

Footloose by Kenny Loggins

F**k You by Cee Lo Green

Hate On Me by Jill Scott

Grenade (Acoustic) by Bruno Mars

7 Days to Change Your Life by Jamie Cullum

Yeah! by Usher

Hallelujah by K.D. Lang

Hey Soul Sister by Train

Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

The One by Mary J. Blige

I Belong To You by Muse

Nature Boy by Jamie Cullum

I Wish by Stevie Wonder

. . . and according to my iPod, 634 other songs that inspire me as well.


Remember playing the game “I SPY”? Or maybe you were a fan of the kids TV show by the same name. Well, I thought it would be nice to do my own version of the game while giving you a glimpse into my messy and ever growing creative space. Below are a list of items to find. There are two items to be found per picture. Time yourself and see how long it takes you to find them all.

(*Warning- I will not be held responsible for you wasting half the morning trying to find all the items when you should be working.)

Wine Cork                   

Pink Car

2 stitch holders

Princess Tiana charm

Folded one dollar bill

Blue yarn skein label

Stitch n’ Bitch Nation

Two Teddy Bears in Love


Starbucks Swizzle Stick

Epi-Pen Jr. 2-pack

Harry Potter wand


3 puzzle pieces

Lovers sharing an umbrella

Charms lollipop


3KCBWDAY1- Color Me Bad

I’m the conservative type. Upon first meeting me most people get the impression that I’m more in line with the ascetics of Martha Stewart and Michael Kors. Yet, my knitting tells a completely different story. Behind the cover of my needles, I go from mild-mannered middle class young lady to a gothic she-devil! My knitting, unlike my life, leans heavily towards the dark side. Why settle for bubble gum pink and bright mints when I can knit with blood reds and deep plums? My own stash reflects my suppressed dark side with a color palate of  smokey greys to asphalt blacks.

Bright color knitting is this summer's must-see. . . .


This dark nature may have something to do with the fact that I’ve always been too chicken shit to go against the grain in my own fashions. I would see the Emo, Vampire and Goth kids at school and always envied their self-expression. I was always the good little girl wishing so hard to break out and be bad!

. . . but its the dark side of knitting that excites me!


So, my knitting has become my way of channeling my inner wild child. While other knitters are surrounding themselves with the bright cheerful colors of Spring and Summer, give me the secrets of the night and let my knitting color me bad.