Knitting Adventures of Tin Tin

I absolutely love The Adventures of Tin Tin. I was lucky enough to grow up reading the comic books and watching the cartoon. It was Tin Tin that made everything in Europe seem so much cooler then my little neighborhood in Chicago.

(Don’t know who is Tin TIn? Read up on the life and times of this beloved character here: )

Tin Tin has a signature look which consists of red hair that sticks up in the front, brown pants, and trench coat and a blue sweater over a white collared shirt. And of course, let us not forget his faithful companion who is always by his side- Snowy, his dog.

When this widely popular iconic hero was made into a full length movie, I did not hesitate to go see it. While watching the movie, I realized just how much his sweater stands out. It is sort of a darker baby blue in color. Crew neck with set-in sleeves. How very simple, yet timeless at the same time.

When I got home from the show, I Googled Tin Tin’s sweater and of course found Tin Tin memorabilia for sale. There are sweaters made after the famous character that can be purchased for a few bucks, but what’s the fun in that?

I decided that for those true diehard Tin Tin geeks like myself, there would be no better homage to our beloved character then to knit our own Tin Tin sweater.

This sweater pattern by DROPS,  is close in shape and structure to the sweater worn by Tin Tin.

This Cascade Eco+ yarn in Delft, is a great color choice.

I hope that the movie will inspire some serious Tin Tin knitting and crochet designs. Maybe even a fan page on Ravelry?


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