Dreaming Southwest

It may be the start of summer, but people are already thinking about where they are going to spend their winters this year. Many find comfort and protection from the harsh winter elements by venturing to the Southwest. We fondly call these winter migratory people, “Snowbirds”.

For those of you gearing up for the upcoming heat wave, why not let some of these cool fashions remind you that the scorching sun will soon give way to winter’s blurry chill and we’ll be waiting for you right here in the Southwest with some hot chocolate and SPF 40.


Take a cure from Arizona Muse and get yourself a jacket that looks just as good walking the Tempe art Walk as it does attending a local rodeo. (Photo: Luca Cannonieri / GoRunway.com)


Take a winter walk through old town San Diego with these fringed boots by Isabel Marant. (Photo: Laurent Harbulot)


Even though Dannijo was going for a surfer vibe with this Levi necklace, I think it has a tribal feel that makes it a great alternative for those growing tired of the usual silver and turquoise tourist pieces. (photo: Dannijo)


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