Phoenix Rising

I’m loving my ever-growing collection of knitwear that has now grown into a large enough collection that it requires its own plastic bin. (My Boy Toy mentioned to me lately that I have so many bins under the bed that if the bed rails ever gave out we wouldn’t notice for months.) Despite the ever decreasing space under the bed, the work that I’m producing lately has been uplifting and continues to drive me forward.

I’m taking a cue from my brother-in-law to not be afraid to reinvent myself. He went from working in a lonely cubical in some really bad remake of “Office Space”, to being a chef at Disney. I’ve learned from him that it’s okay, in fact its downright healthy to be a Phoenix and be born again from the ashes of your previous life.

So, with that thought in mind I present to you my ode to the Phoenix in this cowl called the Phoenix Tail.

Phoenix Tail Cowl

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