Personal Totem

So, I was browsing the always beautiful crafts on Etsy when I stumbled upon the store for Totem Color Blocks run by Pamela Foeckler. Pamela creates miniature totems from reclaimed wood. She hands paints each piece in unique color blocks based mostly on images of dramatic landscapes which she distills down to its most elemental colors.

Totem necklace from Totem Color Block


Etsy was so kind as to feature an article about her and her work which you can read here.

Navajo Necklace Color Block


My favorite in her collection is the Navajo Necklace Color Block. The necklace reminds me of Native American beadwork that I’ve seen.

Totem Color Block


Totem Color Blocks welcomes custom orders. Why not have her create a personal totem for you?



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