The House The Mouse Built

I apologize for my abrupt absence last week. My Boy Toy kidnapped me and whisked me away to the happiest place on earth. No, not a yarn sale. Disneyland! Yup, I got to spend three blissful days surrounded by all things Mickey Mouse.

Disneyland is a place I was introduced to later in life. I made my first trip there with my college threatre group when I was about 2o. Yes, I know, its sad, but true. It was crowded, I was on someone else’s schedule and I felt like everything was overpriced. Not a very good first impression. I went again the following year with my Boy Toy and his family. Still, I was on someone else’s schedule, I felt rushed, and being that it was the middle of summer, it was hot and too crowded.

It wasn’t until a few years later that Boy Toy and I took the trip to Disneyland. I had confessed to him that I really didn’t see the big deal about the place and he realized that unlike him; who had been going to Disneyland every other year since his birth; I never got such a privilege and was never properly introduced to Disney. So my Boy Toy set about giving me a proper introduction. With our little rug rat, we decided on  meeting as many characters as we could find, getting their autograph and a picture taken with each one. In Toon Town we walked through Mickey’s house and waited in line for some odd reason I didn’t understand. Then we turned the corner and right there standing in front of me was THE mouse , larger than life. As our rug rat took pictures with Mickey, I was fighting back some serious tears. This was the mouse that I had only seen on TV, never in real life. And now here he was standing right in front of me.

Later that evening, with a book full of autographs and a camera flashing “low battery”, we were heading out the park. Our rug rat  was pleased with the collection of characters we saw, but was still bummed about missing one. And out of the blue- like a freaking Disney commercial- our rug rat was tapped on the shoulder by a large white glove. We all turned around to see Minnie Mouse getting down on her knees to give our rug rat the biggest hug ever. Rug rat responded with, “I always wanted to meet you.” At that point I gave up all hope of fighting back the tears. It was on that night, after meeting the two most famous mice in the world, that I discovered the magic of Disney and fell head over heels in love with the place.

Now in honor of my love for Disney and the fact I just spend another wonderful time at the happiest place on earth, I leave you with a couple of Disney treats- 

Mouse Ears by Mari Werner


Mickey Hat by Ikumi Kayama


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