The TNNA is Coming! The TNNA is Coming!!

Yes, The National Needlearts Association, (TNNA), is coming to Phoenix, Arizona!

From January 21st to 23rd, my humble town will be taken over by a swarm of knitters, crocheters and other craft artist as they descend upon the Phoenix Convention Center.

Unfortunately, I am 3 wholesale member letters of introduction away from being able to qualify as a member of the association.  So, even though I’ll be passing by the event on my daily outings, I will not actually be able to attend. (After years of complaining that knitting events never come to my town, one is finally here and I can’t go. The irony is so thick you can cut it with a knife.)

But I’ve got TNNA spirit and I feel the it is my duty as a local knitter to welcome all of you who will be attending the TNNA convention here in Phoenix.

Survey says that there are only two things that knitters and crocheters love more than crafting and that is eating and drinking. So, I’ll be dedicating the next few blog posts to highlighting some of the places to eat and drink while in town. I will give some great tips on getting around the valley and where to get good deals. I’ll also point the way to some great places to be inspired and learn about our great city.

(Maybe all this goodwill will get me invited to a knitting after-party? Hint, hint.)

If you plan on going and want some qustions answered by a local, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment.


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