It’s My Party and I’ll Knit If I Want To

Tiny rainbow Cake Slice by Trish Young

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, Saturday, December 3rd, marks my 34th year of life on this earth. And I must say that after 34 years, I still haven’t grown up. (However, my nieces and nephews repeatedly tell me that I am old because I remember when computers use to only have black screens with green letters.)

34 is such an odd year. Its like when you turned 12. You weren’t a kid anymore, but you weren’t a teenager yet either. Turning 34 feels that way. I’m no longer a ‘young adult’, but I haven’t hit that mid-life point either. (Some say mid-life starts at 35.)

So, what are my plans for the big 3-4? Well, in a perfect world I’d be spending the day in Las Vegas watching the Tournament of Kings show at Excalibur, winning big at the slot machines, having one of those drinks that come in a fish bowl and ending the evening seeing Garth Brooks live in concert.

But reality will find me knitting, getting a free meal at a local restaurant and listening to some unenthusiastic waiters sing me ‘happy birthday’.

Boy Toy is unfortunately out of town, so I won’t get to spend it with him.

I do plan on spoiling myself by buying some yummy yarn and getting my two free pieces of chocolate from Godiva. (Sign up for the Godiva club and you get one free piece of chocolate every month and one extra on your birthday. Score!)

Yes, there will be alcohol involved at some point over the weekend. My mom has been threatening to buy me my own bottle of Tequila Rose. (Tequila Rose to me is like kryptonite to Superman.)

I mainly plan on spending the day being open for whatever may come my way. Usually my birthdays are more well planned out, but this year I just feel like winging it.

As usual, I’m curious to know, how did you spend/or how will you spend your 34th birthday?

One thought on “It’s My Party and I’ll Knit If I Want To

  1. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    It’s been so long since my 34th that I can’t remember a thing. Break out the chocolate, yarn, and tequila and make yours more memorable 8-D

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