So, are you still rolling yourself out of bed after all that Thanksgiving food? Or are you still just recovering from your Turkey-induced coma?

Are you just now picking up your knitting project only to find it stained with cranberry sauce? Or your crochet hook still smells like pumpkin pie?

I hope that you all stuffed yourselves with enough good food to make your scale run and hide.

I stuffed myself to the point that I will just assume that elves came into my closet and shrunk my clothes while I was cooking the turkey. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

As my Boy Toy and I still argue over wheather or not pumpkin pie is considered one serving of vegetables, I’ll leave you with a couple of turkeys that managed to survive the cutting block:

Turkey Coasters by Joanne Loh


Otto the Turkey by Ruth Homrighaus


One thought on “Stuffed

  1. Without a doubt pumpkin pie is a vegetable serving. Unless it’s a fruit. I forget which category the pumpkin falls into. Either way, it’s one of those important food categories involving produce. And comes with the added benefit of dairy & protein! It’s a superfood in my book!

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