How To Do a C8F Cable

So, you’ve decided to be adventurous and knit that cool cable scarf you’ve been eyeing all summer. The pattern says you need to C8F. Your response is WTF is C8F? Well, have no fear, I’m here to help.

In order to do a cable pattern you needle to make sure you have a cable needle or something to hold your stitches that are not in use.

C8F means cable 8 front.

To get started, knit all the way to the point where the pattern asks you to start the cable.

Take the next four stitches and place them on a cable needle. Make sure that cable needle hangs to the front of your work,(in front of your needles).

Knit the next four stitches on your main needles.

Now, take the stitches that were on the cable needle and knit them. (The first stitch that you placed on the cable needle will be the first stitch that you knit off the cable needle).

As you may notice, this last action will cause the four stitches on the cable needle to ‘cross over’ the last four stitches you just knitted, creating the cable pattern.

Need a visual? Here is a nice video showing how to do a  basic cable:


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