What’s On Your Needles Right Now?

Okay, without looking and without trying to cast off quickly thinking I won’t notice, answer this question. What is on your needle(s) / hook(s) right now?


9 thoughts on “What’s On Your Needles Right Now?

  1. I have too many projects to count… the one on my lap is a pair of warm cabled mittens for a friend. In a burnt orange color… mmm autumn colors.

  2. Two separate sock projects (of course). I’m half done with the 2nd sock for The Spouse knit with wonderful soft Naturally Waikiwi yarn (possum fur!). And I started a sock for myself in sparkly yarn, using my own pattern that just appeared in Knitty. Shameless plug for Uzu.

    • Its okay, we like shameless plugs.

      One of these days I’ll actually make something for myself. The only thing I’ve ever managed to knit for myself has been a Harry Potter scarf. And I knitted that after the second movie came out!

  3. Christmas stuff – 1 sweater, 2 shawls, 1 pair of socks (and am already planning to do wallabys for 8 count them 8 grandchildren for next year must start much earlier to beat santa’ arrival). don’t have a pray for this year as I also have 8 quilts, knitted/felted slippers for adult kids as well as grands and some knit fingerless gloves in the work queue. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Pat aka westies

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