Holiday Knitting Help At Your Service

I'm Your Knitting Concierge

So I’m offering myself up, (like the whore I am), to help knitters this season as they work on their holiday knitting list.

As many of you know, I whore myself out already volunteering as a knitting expert on All Well, here on my blog I will be doing the same.

All you knitters out there, come, flood my comment section with your questions and I will promise to answer every single one.

Need a quick knit gift for someone, but don’t have time to search online for the right pattern? Let me be your knitting concierge, providing you with a list of patterns that are sure to please, (and are always free!)

Take advantage of my generous service as my season of giving ends on December 24th. (If you ask me for any last-minute patterns to knit on December 24th, please be aware that the only patterns I will offer at that time are crochet dishcloths along with a good dose of motherly guilt for being such a lazy bum).

Spread the word, tell your friends and start those questions rolling in. I’m waiting. . .


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