Can’t Get Enough of That Fluffy Stuff

My stash of spinning fibers that I accumulated during my short stint at CalArts is finally dwelling down. I found myself in need of some serious restocking. With the last few grams of fibers waiting to be spun I felt it was time I ordered some new fibers to play with.

I leisurely search on Etsy lead me to discover Swoon Fibers. This store offers a wonderful collection of hand spun yarns as well as delicious fibers ready for spinning.

I choose a  1 ounce batt called Embers which consisted of a mixture of Corriedale, Merino, Romney in Flame Metallic ,Pinks, Reds and Browns.

Arriving in the fluffiest package I’ve ever received, my fingers couldn’t wait to start spinning this lovely fiber. Below are some pictures of the wonderful fluffy stuff.


Spinning fibers from Swoon Fibers


Spinning Fibers from Swoon Fibers


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