Stepping Out In Luxury

“Why on earth would anyone want to knit socks? Socks are so cheap, Who would want to waste the time and money knitting a pair?”
The next time anyone near you makes the above statement, please send them to this blog page and after reading it, see if they don’t change their mind about handknitted socks.
Socks may be small, but they are still big business as seen by the ever growing number of designer socks that come with a price tag to match. Below are just a few samples of high-end luxury for your feet.

Tom Ford Socks (photo by buddah is)

These socks by Tom Ford comes in pretty cheap for mass-produced designer socks. Having your man sport a pair of these will only set you back about $75.00

Christian Dior Stockings

When it comes to high fashion, the sky is the limit, and apparently, so is the price. These pretty little stockings by Christian Dior will beautifully help cover the shocking white hue from fainting after you see the price tag on these babies- $540.00

Mui Mui Embellished Knee Socks

Mui Mui gives some sparkle to the legs with their embellished knee socks, but all that glitter comes with a price. $340.00 surely isn’t too much to ask for all that bling.


2 thoughts on “Stepping Out In Luxury

  1. I think I’ll share this bit of perspective with the next person who tries to tell me $20 for a skein of sock yarn is ridiculous! Seems like an outright bargain to me!

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